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Why Legit Claims? Making a personal injury claim can be a daunting process if you do not know where to go and whom to trust to help you. Long time delays, extra worry about money and unfortunate practices in the claims industry can confuse and derail the efforts of the very people whom are to benefit from the claims industry the most.

Looking to hire a solicitor? With our extensive list of personal injury solicitors in the UK, Legit Claims offers you a unique opportunity to connect directly with the best possible legal representation in the country – all within the personal injury claims area of the law. With winning track records and valuable ratings by successful claimants, Legit Claims takes the guess work out of finding a suitable Solicitor to offer you claims services according to the type of injury you have incurred.

Why No Win No Fee*?

*charges may apply in some cases

The high cost of obtaining the necessary legal help to make successful personal injury claims is ironically the most deterring factor for the victims of life-changing injuries who need this assistance dearly. With the introduction of No Win No Fee agreements this dilemma was addressed, giving claimants the opportunity to pursue their case even if they do not have the funds to pay the upfront fees required to hire a solicitor. If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, the No Win No Fee agreement (also known as a conditional fee agreement) states you won't have to pay your solicitor any money, and all legal costs are only recovered from winning case funds.

It is important to know that it is best to consult your Solicitor about the costs involved and the stipulations of the No Win No Fee agreement upfront. Many solicitors also offer a free initial consultation so you may discuss your case and they can give you an idea of whether to proceed and how much your claim could be worth.

Legit Claims will not solicit any fee for acting as facilitator – We are a free platform to claimants, linking you with Law Firms in your area.

How to get started?

Use our unique claims calculator to find out what the possible value of your claim can be. Remember this is an estimate only, as many factors can influence the value of your claim. We best advise you to search for a suitable claims solicitor listed on our website, and contact them directly to get more information on the viability of a case.

Why wait? Take action now and find your nearest claims solicitor to make contact directly so you may pursue your claim. Once you’ve selected a law firm or solicitor of your choice, you may start discussions with and start your journey towards recovery.

We also give you the best possible advice on related questions you may have, for example how long does the claims process take? So be sure to visit our FAQ page and visit our Blog where you can find more information on claims related topics. Give yourself that peace of mind and the compensation you deserve with Legit Claims.

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