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Personal Injury Compensation Claims: Can you Claim if You’re Under 18?

Will you be Able to Make Compensation Claims for Your Children Because of an Accident or Personal Injury? Accidents and injuries are a normal part of childhood and therefore it is relatively rare that children’s cases appear in the injury compensation claims arena. However, this does not mean that it does not happen. A child may be …

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Holiday Accident Claims: Frequently Asked Questions.

Holiday Accident Claims With Travel Insurance Q:  If I and other members of the holiday get food poisoning whilst on holiday, will we be able to submit holiday accident claims? A: The short answer is yes. You will be able to submit a holiday sickness claim if you have booked with a UK package holiday provider. Furthermore, if there …

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The Rise of Medical Negligence Claims: Bill Quadruples Over the Last Decade.

The Medical Negligence Claims Rise is Allegedly due to Monetary Pressures. The MP’s claims that the medical negligence claims rise that has occurred over the past decade could be due to the NHS experiencing a multitude of monetary pressures. According to the Public Accounts Committee or PAC, the yearly NHS clinical negligence trust …

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Injury Compensation News: New Discount Rate

The New Discount Rate Effecting Injury Compensation Makes the Personal Injury News in the UK. The Ministry of Justice announced a new formula for calculating injury compensation in February this year. This was in terms of the injury claims of those who have suffered serious injuries. Elizabeth Truss, as the independent Lord Chancellor, …

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What does No-Win No-Fee mean?

The Sometimes Unknown Complexity of a No-Win No-Fee Agreement. If you search the web today on personal injury claims you will come across the words No-Win No-Fee. Most accept that this means you will not be liable for solicitor’s fees if you don’t win your claim. Although there are a few more details around this agreement that …

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Holiday Accidents

Do you Qualify for a Holiday Accident Claim?

Let us Show you if and How you can Make a Holiday Accident Claim. So you had an accident on holiday. How would you go about making a holiday accident claim? More importantly, how would you even know if you qualify to make a claim? If you have been a victim of an accident on holiday, either local or abroad, and you are asking these …

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