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Definition of Conductive Hearing Loss Can You Claim hearing Loss Compensation - Legit Claims Featured Hearing Loss

Definition of Conductive Hearing Loss: Can You Claim hearing Loss Compensation?

Know More About Hearing Loss Claims: What is Conductive Hearing Loss? Conductive hearing loss is when you lose hearing in the outer or middle ear. This makes it difficult for sound waves to pass through to the inner ear. A big sign of conductive hearing loss is if an individual struggle to hear others speaking amidst background …

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Road Accidents Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation - Legit Claims Featured Road Accidents

Road Accidents Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation

Road Accidents and Safety Tips In order to avoid road accidents, safety on the road is of the utmost importance. There are many things you can do to prevent road accidents, many of which are common knowledge. This includes not drinking and driving where even drinking a very tiny amount of alcohol can severely impact your ability …

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Top 10 Workplace Accidents Causes and Claims for Workplace Injury - Legit Claims Featured Work Accidents

Top 10 Workplace Accidents: Causes and Claims for Workplace Injury

Health and Safety Statistics For Workplace Accidents Healthy and Safety Executive statistics reported that in 2016/2017 there were 175 000 self-reported workplace accidents were individuals took less than 7 days off and  434 000 accidents were individuals took more than 7 days off, but what type of injuries did these individuals …

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What are the 3 Es of injury prevention - How can you Claim - Featured on Legit Claims Personal Injury General

What are the 3 E’s of injury prevention? How can you Claim?

The epidemiologist Sue Baker founded the first 3 E‘s of injury prevention strategies. In a New York Times’ article, Dr. Gary Smith  said, “Sue is to injury prevention what Einstein was to theoretical physics.” Of course, if the Einstein of Injury prevention strategies could maybe help us, it would be a good idea to take …

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Road Accidents

Uninsured Drivers and Your Rights for Claiming after a Road Accident

Uninsured drivers in a road accident can lead to a complicated situation.  Nearly up to half a million UK drivers have been convicted of using uninsured vehicles.  UK law says that an individual may not drive an uninsured car. This is partly because it complicates the road accident claims process in many areas. General Road …

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Claims Advice

Do I have A Personal Injury Case? How Can I File A Claim Online?

You may have found yourself in a terrible personal injury accident and stuck with a large bill. Although you are not quite sure if you can gain compensation out of it. There are many factors that contribute to having an understanding of whether or not you have a viable personal injury case. On top of this, there are many actions you can …

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Medical Negligence

How can You Prove Medical Negligence? Can It Be Claimed?

What is Medical Negligence? Medical negligence is when an individual lays a claim against a medical practitioner. This must be specifically due to a medical injury. The injury must have been caused by below acceptable medical treatment.  Clinical negligence compensation claims are not necessarily to punish the practitioner.  …

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Hearing Loss

Is Tinnitus A Disability? Can You Make A Hearing Loss Claim?

What Exactly Is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is a medical condition. It is where an individual will hear a ringing, humming, whistling buzzing or in some cases a musical sound. This sound comes from inside the body. The individual can hear the noise in either one or both of the ears. The perception of the individual will be that the noise is …

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How Much Compensation Can You Claim For a Back Injury At Work - Featured on Legit Claims Work Accidents

How Much Compensation Can You Claim For a Back Injury At Work?

Have You Suffered a Back Injury at Work? Here Are Some Statistics Suffering from a back injury at work is seemingly not uncommon. According to Legal Expert, “1.2 million employees suffer from musculoskeletal disorders that are work-related.”, where “…back pain accounts for  119  lost days of work..”. Furthermore, …

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