Why It’s Important to Appoint an Injury Lawyer: The Significant Role of PI Solicitors

Perhaps the more important question is ‘why should I appoint an injury lawyer?’. Remember that insurance companies are out to make a large profit.  The more they pay out to you, the more that profit shrinks. An injury lawyer, on the other hand, is different. PI solicitors are literally paid to fight for your compensation.

Insurance companies may do either of the following: Pretend that they don’t have to pay or undercount your medical bills or pay you less based on the impression that you will not be taking the case to trial. They can also simply deny your claim or coerce you into making a decision before an injury lawyer is present. On top of this, they can claim that your injuries existed before the accident or injury, generate delays, state that you do not have as much coverage as you originally thought and much more.

When Should You Appoint an Injury Lawyer?

If you have been in a car accident, there are steps to take before you appoint a lawyer. At the car accident or injury scene make sure to seek immediate medical attention.  If the doctor grants you a day off work, you should keep the note. Furthermore, swop any details with the other party. If not possible then write down their number plate. You should also take photographs of the injury and car accident scene as well as take down any witness details. After you have reported the car accident to your insurance company and the police, you should then collect the accident report and any witness statements from the police. Make sure to keep all relevant documents in a safe space. On top of this, if your doctor gives you any advice must always follow it. At this point, before you appoint a lawyer, you can begin looking for a prospective lawyer. Going through lists and lists of pi solicitors can be daunting. To lessen the stress read, How Can You Find A Good Personal Injury Solicitor?

Personal Injury Lawyer - Legit Claims

You can then go to free consultations with a few chosen pi solicitors. You should bring all relevant documents to the initial consultation. This includes any documents from the insurance and your auto insurance policy.  Once this is done, you can then appoint a lawyer that suits you and your case.

Once you appoint a lawyer they will do all of the following. Although, make sure to do the previous process so that the injury lawyer already has a lot of information to work with. That being said your attorney will gain and go over the accident report, find the witnesses and speak to the officer who investigated the accident. He or she will also find relevant photographs, speak to the insurance company on your behalf and investigate to see if you have lost any income. Furthermore, he or she will speak to your doctor and go over the medical records, settlement negotiation and in some cases file a lawsuit. You can easily Find an injury lawyer with Legit Claims.