Have You Suffered a Back Injury at Work? Here Are Some Statistics

Suffering from a back injury at work is seemingly not uncommon. According to Legal Expert, “1.2 million employees suffer from musculoskeletal disorders that are work-related.”, where “…back pain accounts for  119  lost days of work..”. Furthermore, Workplace Safety Advice cited ‘back injury’ as one of the most common workplace injuries. This means that if you are suffering from work-related back pain, you should definitely pay attention. The more aware you are, the quicker you will be able to gather fresh evidence. Furthermore, the earlier you make a claim, the more likely it is to succeed.

Back injury compensation: What Can I Claim For?

With your back injury claim, you can claim for earnings lost. This means if the back injury has caused you to lose earnings; you may be able to claim part of it back. Secondly, travel costs also count as a claim area. This is if the injury has caused you to incur travel costs such as driving to physiotherapy for example. Of course, this also includes any medical costs that were as a result of the relevant injury as well as claiming for a needed temporary, long-term or permanent caregiver due to the back injury. Lastly and commonly, you can also include general damages. General damages usually include any medical and any other “out-of-pocket” costs.

Back Injury at Work - Legit Claims

Average Back Injury Compensation Amounts

Although it is nearly impossible to estimate the exact amount for every injury at work, an average estimate is feasible in terms of the severity of the injury. If it was a mild back injury, the back injury compensation could range from about £300 to £9800. This can include any muscle pain or perhaps a disc that has slipped. More moderate to serious back injury compensation claims can range from rounded off amounts of £9000 to £31 000 whereas a back injury claim is incredibly serious can range from rounded off amounts of £29 100 to £123 000. These severe injuries can include back injuries that result in paralysis or permanent organ damage.

Don’t be Afraid to Make that Accident at Work Claim

Many individuals hold back from claiming for an injury at work. We are here to tell you not to be afraid of making your back injury claim. With the help of our amazing solicitors, your accident at work claim will be sorted out in no time at all. If you are sure that the injury was due to negligence but you are still ambivalent about making an accident at work claim then maybe you should read Know Your Employee Rights After a Slip and Fall Accident, which covers your rights concerning any accident at work and making an accident at work claim. Remember, the sooner you make your accident at work claim, the more likely you are to win compensation.