Birth Injury and Making Clinical Negligence Claims

Having a baby can be a beautiful experience. Although, if a birth injury occurs, the effects can be truly disastrous. If this happens, there is a chance that you can make a birth injury claim. Although, you need to be able to prove that it was due to the negligence of a medical practitioner.

Common Types of Birth Injury Claims

  • Pre-eclampsia: Women are usually affected by pre-eclampsia after 20 weeks into their pregnancy. If medical practitioners do not catch the early symptoms and diagnose the pre-eclampsia, it can put the mother and baby in danger.
  • Suturing done incorrectly: If medical practitioners do the suturing or stitching wrong it can lead to many physical complications. For example damage to the muscle as well as infection.
  • Cerebral palsy: There are many symptoms of cerebral palsy from swallowing issues to problems with muscle movement and stiffness. If the medical treatment was not exactly up to par, for example, if the practitioners did not take the right steps during a C-section that resulted in the cerebral palsy, then it is possible that you could make a claim. This was one of the highest categories in an NHS report analysing birth injury claims from 2000 to 2019

Birth Injury - Legit Claims

  • Forceps used incorrectly: Forceps can in some cases cause injury to the baby or the mother. If an injury occurs where the risks were not made clear beforehand and consent was not given, there is a possible case for clinical negligence.
  • Jaundice and Kernicterus: Jaundice is a common occurrence in new-born babies. It is treated quite easily. Professional medical individuals should be able to recognize jaundice very quickly and easily and should be able to lower the bilirubin levels which cause it.
  • Abruption of the placenta: Abruption of the placenta is when the placenta becomes unattached from the womb wall. Medical practitioners should be able to diagnose this.

Birth Injury Claims is Possible for You

At the end of the day, it can be an emotional road when dealing with birth injury claims. That is why being aware of the options available to you can save much emotional trauma. Not to mention the financial distress that can also be the result of such unfortunate events. One thing we must realize is sometimes birth complications simply occur.  If you think it’s due to negligence you can use the Legit Claims solicitor portal to assist you with clinical negligence claims.  Furthermore, to keep up to date with clinical negligence claims in the news: Claims News: Fixed Legal Costs for Clinical Negligence Claims.