What is Blunt Eye Trauma?

Blunt eye trauma is a type of eye injury that falls under the category of ‘mechanical trauma’. Mechanical trauma is when an outside force causes an injury.  Therefore, blunt trauma is when some outside force causes injury to a part of the body without penetration. Although, penetration does fall under the category of mechanical trauma as well.

Have you have suffered from any type of eye injury due to third party negligence? If so,  it is possible to lay a claim for eye injury compensation. This is whether it is blunt eye trauma or not.

Blunt Eye Trauma: What is Eye Injury Compensation Based On?

The amount of compensation you can claim for your eye injury claims is usually based on two factors. These are monetary losses as well as pain and suffering. Monetary losses can include a number of things such as medical expenses as well as loss of income. You solicitor will base pain and suffering on the injury itself, the relevant symptoms, how long the pain has lasted and in what ways it may be affecting your everyday functioning and life.

What Amount of Eye Injury Compensation Can You Claim?

Blind in both eyes: If the eye injury was the cause of blindness in both of your eyes, you can claim up to a rounded off estimate of £250,000 in eye injury compensation.

Blind in one eye: If the injury was the cause of blindness in one eye, you can claim up to £48,000

Serious eye injury: If you have a serious injury in one eye you can claim from between around £8000 to £35,000

Minor eye injuries:  Minor eye injuries can range from between £1,900 to £7,700

No Win No Fee Options For Your Blunt Eye Trauma Case

One of the main aspects that prevent individuals from pursuing any personal injury claims or making a claim after an accident is the legal costs. The great thing is that no win no fee combats this problem. No win no fee means that you do not have to pay any upfront legal fees for injury claims and that if your solicitor does not win the case, you do not pay any legal fees at all. Of course, no win no fee and injury claims can be a bit more complex than that. This is why you should ask questions such as, What Percentage do No Win No Fee Solicitors Take?