What is a Burn Injury?

burn injury can happen in many ways. Some examples include industrial accidents or surgery accidents. Symptoms include psychological and emotional damage, burns to the respiratory system and burnt or scalded flesh. Furthermore, eye and facial burns as well as muscle ligament or tendon damage. That being said, there is no doubt that a burn injury can have very harmful effects. That’s why it is important to know how to claim compensation for this type of injury.

Can I Claim Injury Compensation for a Burn Injury?

As with any personal injury claim, be it surgery accidents or industrial accidents you can claim for burn injuries if the injury was due to the fault or carelessness of another party.

There are many different areas you can claim injury compensation for. These include medical costs whether it is long, short-term or immediate injury expenses. In this case, you may even be able to pay for surgery of a cosmetic nature. Beyond physical suffering, you are also able to make compensation claims for other practical expenses that occurred due to injury as well as psychological or emotional suffering.

Legally, you need to make the burn injury compensation within 3 years of the accident. It is advisable that with every case, you make the claim as soon as possible.

Burn Injury - Legit Claims


If you would like to improve your chances of successful injury compensation claims, there are many things you can do such as seeing a doctor right away, if the accident occurred at work- ensuring that the injury is recorded in the accident book, keeping a constant diary of your injury as well as a record of any cost that could have occurred directly or indirectly due to the injury. For example, travel costs to the hospital or doctor. Lastly, you should also report the injury to the relevant person on scene, search for a solicitor that can help you with your claim and read Personal injury claims: Step by Step.

Compensation Claims: How Much Can I Claim?

The amount you claim for relies on many things. These include how serious the burn was, whether it happened due to carelessness or purposefully, income loss, the related costs, how as well as where. For example, industrial accidents are probably more likely to occur at a factory.  Use the settlement calculator to estimate how much your compensation may be.