Is it Actually Possible to Calculate Pain and Suffering for a Personal Injury?

As you know, if you sustain an injury due to a car accident, medical negligence or even a trip and slip, you are eligible to try and claim compensation. However, the court must first agree that the accident is in no way whatsoever your fault. The money you might receive will cover your medical expenses as well as the loss of income you will face. But what about the pain and suffering you have to endure?

The pain and suffering you experience from involvement in an accident are called general damages. It’s rather difficult to assign a specific value to these types of injuries.  The most common forms of pain and suffering are anxiety, discomfort, and emotional distress. It is, however, possible to receive compensation for these injuries; you just have to follow a process.

How Can You Determine Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering?

Once a medical professional has diagnosed you with a psychological injury the court and an experienced personal injury solicitor will help determine a value. You as a victim can also use what is known as a compensation calculator to work out sort of less what your settlement will be. Keep in mind that this is not at all a decided amount. It can change in many ways. The compensation calculator works on a formula. The formula consists of a Multiplier. You enter the total amount of damages you received as a result of the accident and the calculator will determine a value. The more severe the general damages were, the higher the Multiplier number will be.

As mentioned you should not expect to receive the same amount compensation as the one given by the calculator. Every accident and case is completely different. The smallest thing can change the settlement completely.  Since this method of determining compensation can only give you an estimated amount, courts will still use it as a basic guideline. With the Multiplier number and other gathered information, the court will decide your settlement.

The Next Steps: Where Can I Find More Help?

Victims sometimes honestly lack the knowledge and experience to work out an accurate value for their injuries. The best way to handle this scenario is to hire a personal injury solicitor. They are equipped with all the necessary skills to assist you with your claim. The solicitor will gather all the information needed to apply to the compensation calculator. They will most certainly go out of their way in making sure you received the highest settlement possible. Furthermore, we offer some very useful free advice with 5 Ways You Can Help Your Injury Lawyer Make Better Accident Claims