Factors that Represent Pain and Suffering in an Auto Accident Claim.

It is difficult to calculate the pain and suffering for an individual that has been in an auto accident. Things such as the type of injury and the severity thereof affect the quality of your life. Factors influencing a claim can include the treatment required and resulting loss of income. If you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident, and you are considering claiming compensation, then we recommend the use of the Legit Claims Calculator as a starting point.

The main Components of a Pain and Suffering Calculator

There are many factors that can influence the calculations of the injury compensation value. The following elements are taken into account:

  • Types of Injuries You Can Experience

There are many types of physical injuries.  Minor physical injuries can include scrapes and bruises, sprains, soft tissue injuries, broken limbs etc. In most cases, these types of injuries can be temporary in nature and require shorter recovery periods. The more severe cases quite naturally will take longer to settle and can involve long-term complications. Examples of such injuries can include upper body injuries affecting the neck, back, shoulders, arms and head injuries including contusions, concussions and brain damage   Lower Body Injuries include any kind of injury to the ankles, knees, hips, and legs of permanent nature.

  • Out of Pocket Expenses

Transportation to and from the place of treatment can be considered as an out of pocket expense. Another example of such expense is the medical costs and living costs you obtain while addressing and repairing your injury.

Other factors of a pain and suffering calculator can also include:

  • The degree of pain and suffering you are experiencing.
  • The time needed for recovery and rehabilitation and the cost thereof.
  • Any other financial costs, including loss of earnings

Submitting a Claim for Loss of Earnings

Although it can long process, the benefit of claiming compensation outweighs the suffering in the long run. Legit Claims is here to help you. Further information on the use of the Legit Claims Calculator is available with How to use the Legit Claims Calculator. We also recommend you find a personal injury solicitor to give you an indication of whether your claim has a chance of success. Many solicitors listed with us offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss the details of your claim in detail. A solicitor will be able to help you establish whether you have a claim and more particularly how to go about making a claim successfully. Other important things to know such as the time limits, settlement procedures, and related costs can be established in the first appointment which can lead to further success. Many solicitors also offer no win no fee services which means there are no upfront costs and fees are recovered from the settlement amounts afterwards. You can get the treatment to improve your quality of life after an auto accident and provide for your future with a successful claim with Legit Claims.