Legal Aid Meets the Costs of Representation

Whenever a personal injury occurs, there is little time for considering the costs of finding a personal injury lawyer. Often such injuries happen to rich and poor alike. When the less fortunate are affected one must ask what help is available. Legal aid, traditionally speaking, is the accessibility of funding for a variety of legal problems. These matters usually fall within the civil dispute category. Aid largely depends on the type of case as well as the financial position of the individual. In the UK there exists a network of legal aid organizations that assist with civil as well as criminal cases. It is interesting to know that if you are arrested in the United Kingdom you may request free legal advice from a solicitor before the police questions you – regardless of your income. In the majority of situations, financial aid for legal matters can be applied for by a legal representative. But some charities and volunteer lawyers are also available in certain cases where help is needed with legal costs.

Can You Get Legal Aid for Personal Injury?

Unfortunately, legal aid is not available for personal injury claims in general. According to the GOV.UK information on this subject, it is, however, possible to get help in exceptional cases. The Government further advises that an individual may seek the assistance of a legal adviser to ascertain whether an application might succeed and how to apply. Together with this application, you may have to prove you can’t afford to pay the legal costs yourself. Furthermore, it is possible that you need to pay a portion of the costs and sometimes pay costs back later. With such uncertainty and complexity, it is always advisable to consult a legal representative.

What is the Alternative to Legal Aid?

As an alternative, we would like you to consider the availability of no win no fee agreements. Any person wishing to pursue a claim can avail of the services of a personal injury lawyer without the stress of paying the fees upfront. This is also known as a conditional fee agreement. In principle, the costs of your case will be recovered from the settlement thereof. In many cases solicitors specializing in personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This allows discussion of the case details and viability of making a claim. During this conversation you may be able to find out what the costs involved will entail – if any – and how long the process may take. We strongly recommend however that you read the finest details of such a no win no fee agreement before signing any documents. As such you can be sure of the recoverable fee percentages and structures of the law firm after the fact. You can get the most of your personal injury claim with Going to Court for a Personal Injury Claim? Here’s what You Should Know about Costs.

The Benefits of entering into a No Win No Fee Agreement

In conclusion, solicitors opting for these agreements essentially take on the risks of a case. In the event where a person has suffered a serious injury this could be the fastest way to get the compensation so desperately need for recovery. We believe that there are many solicitors out there that genuinely care about people in need. In personal injury cases especially, being able to attend to a person’s needs as well as deal with a case expertly and swiftly is an attribute. And this is what no win no fee is all about.