What does a Ski Accident Abroad Claim Entail?

Having an accident while being on holiday is never a welcome situation, whether it is local or abroad. The popularity of winter sports are increasing, and every year, thousands of holidaymakers head for the slopes.  The most common injuries include concussion, dislocated joints and broken arms and legs.  These injuries seem innocent enough but can change into life-changing accidents. If you had an accident on holiday and don’t know if you qualify for compensation, you can find a solicitor that can assist with international personal injury claims. There are a few facts that you can consider, for example:

  • Where the Accident Happened

The package holiday organizer can be held accountable if you have an accident while on a package holiday. In the United Kingdom, you will be able to make a holiday accident claim even if the accident occurs abroad.  You will have to supply all information regarding the accident, so here we have a few guidelines to help you in making a possible ski accident claim.

  • How did the Accident Occur?

You will need to prove that the holiday organizer,  the resort representative, or any of the hotel staff were negligent.  Should you fall when out skiing, there is a risk that you could sustain a brain injury or spinal injury or worse. Such injuries can cause permanent paralyzes, which can be life-altering.

  • What is the Evidence Requirement?

If you had an accident, you should report it to your package organizers and hotel management as soon as possible.  Make sure that you get a record of the accident when you report it. Keep all medical reports and receipts. Try and get as much evidence as possible of your ski accident. If you have any travel insurance, you must also contact the insurance company, they will be able to advise you on your medical and legal situation. It is important to seek medical help immediately if you neglect medical help it might affect any claim for compensation.

Precautionary Measures for Ski Holiday Makers

It is important to remember that if the ski accident was your fault, you will not be able to claim compensation for an accident abroad injury. In general, while you are on holiday, please take some precautions to prevent getting badly hurt. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Do some research on the resort and its safety record before you book your trip
  • Warm, non-restrictive clothing and insulated boots are necessary for any winter sport
  • Always have someone with you to prevent an accident, or the person can call for help.
  • Know where you are and what you are doing, to minimize your chance of getting hurt.
  • If you are using any equipment, check it thoroughly to avoid failure.

In conclusion, you may be entitled to make a claim if the accident was:

  • Caused by another skier’s negligence
  • Hidden obstruction not anticipated.
  • Negligence of the ski guide or tour representative, or poor ski school instruction.
  • If given faulty equipment (skis, bindings, ski lift or tow).

Skiing does carry a certain level of risk. Many resorts take extreme care of their guests to make safety a priority. But ski accidents unfortunately happen. Legit Claims can help with more tips on How to Make Successful Holiday Accidents Claims.