The Importance of Understanding Personal injury

Understanding the legality around personal injury is important. This is because many of us have physical jobs, requiring tons of manual labour each day. Even if you work in a safe environment, accidents can happen. One bad injury could put you out of work for a bit or even permanently depending on the severity of circumstances.

The Financial Stress of  Personal Injury

That follows injuries can be quite devastating. If the negligence of another person or party is the cause of your injury, then you are probably entitled to claim compensation. Every UK individual has the right to be paid in for the income they have lost. Such compensation also includes much-needed funds for medical care. This, as well as being unable to work while receiving treatment and recovering from an injury.

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Lost Income vs Lost Compensation

Traditionally, courts allow for personal injury claims to include reimbursement for income lost to a claimant while treating and recovering from their injuries. This income includes wages the claimant would have earned if there was no injury. Also included is any additional compensation on top of a normal salary.

Let us Describe the 2 Forms As Below:

  • Lost income: Represents the money your employer normally pays you for the work you do. Normally your salary or wages, paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This can be paid in cash or direct deposit.
  • Lost compensation: Represents financial benefits over and above what you have the capacity to earn. For the purpose of personal injury claims lost compensation can include sick and vacation days, pay bonuses together with other perks of employment stated in your contract.

What Compensation Amount Can you Claim For?

There are two types of compensations you should be aware of. General damages and special damages.

  • General damages: This includes payment for the injuries sustained by a claimant, for example, a payment for pain and suffering or loss of future earnings.
  • Special damages: This is compensation for incurred financial losses. Includes costs of care, travel costs to the hospital, private treatments etc.

Personal Injury - Legit Claims

In Conclusion

Personal injury law is broad and complex. However, victims’  life-changing injuries and financial struggles do not have to be permanent. That is the whole purpose of the law: to provide enough compensation to pay for treatment, care, and devices to restore dignity to your life. To get into contact with someone who can help you gain such compensation search for a solicitor on our website. To estimate the amount you may receive use our claim calculator. If you have not yet suffered from a personal injury but are looking to protect yourself and your family’s future than read Top 5 Personal Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injury.