What You Need to Know Before the Car Accident Claims Process Begins

Before the car accident claims process begins there are some vital steps you need to take. Many of these need to happen at the actual scene of the auto accident. First of all, never drive away. Of course, if a serious injury has occurred then you need to call the emergency services. Either way, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should also, if possible, collect and keep the details of the other individuals involved in the auto accident. This, as well as any witness details.

The Auto Car Accident Claims Process

  • The New Process

There is a new process that was implemented from the 21st of July to speed up the claims process. An electronic system now process certain claims. This is where once your solicitor has gained full details of the auto car accident, they will send a CNF or Claim Notification Form to the third party’s’ or the defendant’s insurance company. Although, you can only take a part in this process if :

Your claim is not a claim for hire/vehicle damage

  • Your claim is estimated at a low-value claim meaning it is estimated to be less than £25 000 and more than £1000

Car Accident - Legit Claims

The Defendant’s Response

Liability accepted

If the defendant accepts liability for the injuries that you have endured due to the auto car accident your solicitor will obtain medical proof from an independent medical practitioner. From there, your solicitor and the other party will attempt to come to a settlement agreement. If they cannot come to an agreement, you and the other party will have to attend court. The judge will make the final decision concerning the compensation amount.

Liability not accepted

If they do not accept liability or there is no response then the third party has 3 months to investigate. This is to prove through documented evidence that they are not liable for the auto accident.  Your solicitor may still think you can claim compensation. This means you will most probably go to court to make your claim and hopefully earn your compensation.

How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

The amount of compensation you can claim for your auto accident is dependent on the severity of the injury. Use our solicitor portal to get the compensation you deserve. You can also read,  Road Traffic Accident: What You Should Know About Making a Claim, to learn more.