Car Accident Compensation: What can You Claim For?

When you claim for car accident compensation you can claim for general as well as special damages.  General damages refer to and cover the suffering and pain you went through due to the injury. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of visiting a medical practitioner as well as keeping relevant documents. Special damages refer to all out of pocket expenses you incurred due to your car accident injury.  This can include but is not limited to relevant travel costs, lost income as well as counseling sessions. It highlights the importance of keeping any evidence, such as receipts and proof of payment. This is so that you can receive the full amount of car accident compensation you deserve for your claim.

Average Payout for Car Accident Compensation Claims

Here we will outline the average payout for different car accident compensation or road accident injury claims. We will base it on the type and severity of the specific injury:

Minor injuries: When it comes to minor road accident injury claims, the average payout can vary quite greatly depending on the recovery period going from around £500 to around £2,000.

Back injuries: Minor back injuries can be claimed for up to around £10,000 where the very severe injuries can go up to around £120,000

Arm Injuries: Mild arm injuries can range from £4,450 to £30,200 whereas moderate to serious injuries can range from 30050 to  £99,700. In the case of extremely severe arm injuries, it can range from £74,150 to around £200,000.

Neck injuries: You can claim up to around £6,000 for minor neck injuries. The very severe injuries can go up to around £110,000

Beyond physical injuries, you can possibly make a car accident compensation claim for loss of earnings. This, as well as benefits, pain and suffering. These average payout compensation amounts can vary greatly but at their maximum loss of earnings can be up to around £400,000 , loss of benefits can be up to around £500,000 and pain and suffering can be up to around £200,000. At their minimum loss of earnings can be compensated for around £10,000, loss of benefits for around £5,000 as well as pain and suffering for around £1,000.

Road accident injury claims can be a difficult and challenging process. This is why when dealing with the road accident injury claims process you should read more about Road Accident Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation. Furthermore, you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible. This is in order to ensure a smooth and more successful claims process.