Car Crash Accident AbroadCan you Claim Compensation?

Can you claim for a car crash accident abroad? The simple answer to can you claim is yes,  but there is one question you need to ask yourself in order to know what step to take next, did it occur in a European Economic Area Union in a country outside of this? This can make a big difference and help you get the car crash compensation you deserve.

  • Can you claim if the car crash accident abroad occurred in the European Economic Area?

If you are an EU citizen and had an accident with another EU citizen abroad due to their fault or negligence then, yes.  This is whether or not you are a driver or passenger; you have the right to make a compensation claim.  This is thanks to and overseen by the EU Motor Insurance Directives.

  • Can you claimif the car crash accident abroad occurred outside a European Economic Area?

If the accident abroad occurred outside a European Economic Area, you can still probably make a claim. Although, since the Motor Insurance Directives do not apply, the processes may be different for each country. If this has happened to you, it is advisable to gain professional legal assistance as soon as possible.

Which Countries Law Applies?

As a common rule, whatsoever country you have the car crash accident claim in, that country’s law will apply. This may mean that the compensation process as well as the amounts pertaining to the injury may differ. This area of law can be quite complex so it is advisable to always have legal advice and assistance on hand. It is also important to understand as much as you can about car accidents and claiming for them in general such as researching for Road Accident Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation.

Important Tips to Take into Consideration if you have a Car Accident Abroad

Firstly, remember to contact emergency as soon as possible if there is any injury. if you do not suspect an injury you should still go to a medical practitioner as soon as possible. You should also contact an insurer, call the police and tell them if you need someone to interpret them. Remember to not say anything that could be considered a liability admission. This will stunt your chances of gaining compensation. The only paper that is safe to sign in this situation is the “Constant Amiable” or European Accident Statement”. It is important to remember that staying calm in these situations is of utmost importance.  Remember to always have a Green Card/ Insurance Certificate and your driving license on you. This, as well as a registration certification. All of this will go a long way in helping you gain accident abroad compensation.