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Important Things to Consider before You Make Hearing Loss Claims

Recent Hearing Loss Claims in the News In March of this year, the BBC reported an interesting case involving hearing loss and the Royal Opera House. Chris Goldscheider won a personal injury case against the ROH in a landmark ruling. This was after his earing was significantly damaged, allegedly due to the acoustic shock he experienced. The acoustic shock occurred after Goldscheider was, “directly in front of the brass section of the orchestra for a rehearsal of Wagner's thunderous opera...

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Definition of Conductive Hearing Loss Can You Claim hearing Loss Compensation - Legit Claims Featured Hearing Loss

Definition of Conductive Hearing Loss: Can You Claim hearing Loss Compensation?

Know More About Hearing Loss Claims: What is Conductive Hearing Loss? Conductive hearing loss is when you lose hearing in the outer or middle ear. This makes it difficult for sound waves to pass through to the inner ear. A big sign of conductive hearing loss is if an individual struggle to hear others speaking amidst background noise. There are many causes of conductive hearing loss which include but are not limited to malformations or trauma of the outer or middle ear, eardrums that are perforated,...

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Early signs of industrial hearing loss - Are you at risk - Featured on Legit Claims Hearing Loss

Early Signs of Industrial Hearing Loss: Are You at Risk?

Why We Need to Talk About the Early Symptoms of Industrial Hearing Loss? At its most basic, industrial hearing loss occurs due to high levels of noise in the workplace. There are many types of deafness claims you can make but to learn more about this side of it and how to gain compensation you should read Industrial Deafness Types and Hearing Loss Claims. Of course before you even begin thinking about deafness claims and gaining compensation, it is good to have an idea whether you are in fact, experiencing a loss of hearing....

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Is Tinnitus A Disability? Can You Make A Hearing Loss Claim?

What Exactly Is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is a medical condition. It is where an individual will hear a ringing, humming, whistling buzzing or in some cases a musical sound. This sound comes from inside the body. The individual can hear the noise in either one or both of the ears. The perception of the individual will be that the noise is coming from the outside. In some rare cases, other individuals who do not have it will also hear the noise from the individual. This...

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Industrial Deafness and Types of Hearing Loss Claims - Featured on Legit Claims Hearing Loss

Industrial Deafness and Types of Hearing Loss Claims

Hearing Loss Claims: What Exactly is Industrial Deafness? Industrial deafness is also sometimes known as noise induced hearing loss or NIHL. This is when an individual suffers hearing damage due to high levels of noise in high-noise level working conditions.  Many people only notice the effects years after the job. When it comes to industrial deafness, the earlier you manage to pinpoint it, the better. Furthermore, the ‘Control of Work and Noise Regulations 2005’ makes employers legally obliged to provide the workers with adequate noise...

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