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RTA Claims_Common Causes of Car Accidents Road Accidents

RTA Claims: Common Causes of Car Accidents

What Are The Most Common Causes of Road Accidents? RTA claims are through the roof due to the rapid increase in car accidents. Most of them occur because of our own road rule disobedience. However, there are scenarios where car crashes occur as a result of things outside of our control. Depending on different factors you might even be eligible for claim compensation for injuries sustained. Legit Claims takes a look at some of the most common causes of road...

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Claims Help! Someone has Reversed into Me! Road Accidents

Claims Help! Someone has Reversed into Me!

Claims Help! What Can I Do When Involved in a Bumper To Bumper Accident? It’s said that during a minor accident such as a bumper to bumper, the person accused of being in the wrong is usually the car at the back. This is however not always the case. If a person in front of you suddenly stops and you drive into them, with sufficient evidence you can win the claim. The same applies to a motor vehicle reversing into...

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Claims Advice What to do After a Cycling Accident Road Accidents

Claims Advice: What to do After a Cycling Accident

What Steps Can You take if You have Been in a Cycling Accident? An astonishing 75% of accidents happen in the area surrounding road junctions. It’s also proven by hospital data that 45% of child cyclists, suffer significant head injuries as a result of cycling accidents. The worst statistic is that just under 80% of fatal injuries occur in suburban areas. A cycling accident can be more severe than a lot of other types of accidents. This can be due...

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Child injury_Claim RTA Compensation For Child Injury In A Car Crash Road Accidents

Can You Claim RTA Compensation For Child Injury In A Car Crash?

Is RTA Compensation Applicable to a Child Injury? The claimant will receive RTA compensation when an adult or child injury has occurred during a car accident. The majority of car crashes occur due to bad weather conditions, reckless driving, negligence or vehicle malfunctions. No proper road work can also be the cause. It doesn’t matter what caused the road traffic accident, what does matter is that there will always be someone responsible. When a child injury occurs in a road accident,...

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Motorcycle-Accident-Legit-Claims Road Accidents

Can I Get A Fair Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Motorcycle Accidents and RTA Claims Figures by the Department for Transport show that 18% of all road fatalities (2016/2017) in the UK involved motorcyclists. A further total of 5,553 motorcyclists were seriously injured, and 13,425 were slightly injured. Although the lightly injured statistics indicate a decrease of 5% over the past period of 2015 – 2017, the serious injuries for motorcycle accidents have risen by 10%. This is not so promising for motorcyclists out there. Whether you have suffered an...

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What are Average Payouts for Car Accident Compensation - Legit Claims Featured Road Accidents

What are Average Payouts for Car Accident Compensation?

Car Accident Compensation: What can You Claim For? When you claim for car accident compensation you can claim for general as well as special damages.  General damages refer to and cover the suffering and pain you went through due to the injury. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of visiting a medical practitioner as well as keeping relevant documents. Special damages refer to all out of pocket expenses you incurred due to your car accident injury.  This can include but is not limited...

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Road Accidents Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation - Legit Claims Featured Road Accidents

Road Accidents Safety and Tips for Claiming Accident Compensation

Road Accidents and Safety Tips In order to avoid road accidents, safety on the road is of the utmost importance. There are many things you can do to prevent road accidents, many of which are common knowledge. This includes not drinking and driving where even drinking a very tiny amount of alcohol can severely impact your ability to drive responsibly. The ROSPA Road safety factsheet showed over 8000 casualties of drunken driving road accidents just in 2015 alone. Other Tips include not using your phone, putting your seatbelt...

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What Is The Main Cause Of Traffic Collision How Many Of Them Are Claimed - Legit Claims Featured Road Accidents

What Is The Main Cause Of Traffic Collision? How Many Of Them Are Claimed?

Why It’s Important to Educate Yourself on Traffic Collision Causes and Claims You may have never been in a traffic collision or any type of car crash. In fact, the thought of it seems like it’s a scene out of a movie. You’re driving in your car, talking to your children or your spouse or your boyfriend. You look away for a second. All of a sudden a large screeching sound escapes from the air.  You look to your side, bright headlights, soft panic, and...

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Step by step guide to the car accident claims process - Featured on Legit Claims Road Accidents

Step by Step Guide to the Car Accident Claims Process

What You Need to Know Before the Car Accident Claims Process Begins Before the car accident claims process begins there are some vital steps you need to take. Many of these need to happen at the actual scene of the auto accident. First of all, never drive away. Of course, if a serious injury has occurred then you need to call the emergency services. Either way, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should also, if possible, collect and keep the details of...

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How Much Can You Claim For A Soft Tissue Injury In A Road Accident - Featured on Legit Claims Road Accidents

How much can you claim for a soft tissue injury in a road accident?

Road Accident Claims: How likely is it that You Will Suffer from a Soft Tissue Injury? If you are not already suffering from a soft tissue injury, you may be wondering if it something to really worry about.  According to the Department of Transport, “Motor traffic levels rose by 0.1% compared with the year ending September 2016.”  They also reported that road traffic casualties have decreased. This means there is a slight possibility that the safety on British roads has increased. Although, the Department itself has...

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