Help! My Child has been Injured at School, what Can I do?

A child injured at school is every parent’s nightmare. Unfortunately, accidents like this occur, but when it’s your child with the injury it’s important to find out was it an accident or deliberate. Most of the time the school will deny responsibility for the incident so it’s up to you as a parent or a guardian to consider legal action.

You should always ask the school if they notified the police, if not then you have the option to do so immediately. Let’s say your child ended up with a broken ankle after another child pushed him down the slide. If the guilty party is over 10 years of age you could be eligible to apply for personal injury compensation on your child’s behalf.

What Are the Other Steps To Take?

If the school denies responsibility, which they usually do, you need to find a child accident solicitor. An experienced solicitor will be able to find out if the school is actually responsible or not. They will most likely uncover the truth. If the school is responsible for the injury then other legal matters can be taken. A child injured at school is very serious as there were cases where a boy sustained a concussion.

Appointing a solicitor makes it a legal matter right away. If you do not wish to make a case for your child injured at school then we suggest contacting the other party’s parents. If the injury isn’t severe then they guilty child’s parents will end up paying for the medical expenses such as stitches to a small cut. This resolves the matter without any legal actions. However, appointing a specialist personal injury solicitor improves the odds that justice is served.

It can be rather difficult to contact the other parents. Luckily it’s not impossible. What you can do is request to speak with the headmaster or mistress. You can ask them to provide you with contact details for the parents. If the Data Protection Act keeps you from obtaining their contact details you should ask the school to arrange a meeting. A sit down with the other child’s parents will allow everyone to understand what occurred.

The Final Conclusion: We Can Help!

 A child injured at school will happen from time to time. It’s necessary to understand that the injury can be just an accident and not intentional. You as a parent need to keep a calm mind and not address the matter with anger. The two kids involved can be friends who were playing too rough. You don’t want to ruin their friendship by starting a feud with the other parents. If the injury is severe and legal actions is the only way then you can follow our step by step guide for making a personal injury claim right away.