Uninsured drivers in a road accident can lead to a complicated situation.  Nearly up to half a million UK drivers have been convicted of using uninsured vehicles.  UK law says that an individual may not drive an uninsured car. This is partly because it complicates the road accident claims process in many areas.

General Road Accident Protocol

The general road accident protocol individuals should follow is first to exchange the details with any other drivers. This applies whether they are uninsured drivers or not.  If this not possible, you should write down or take a picture of their registration number. You should also gain details from any surrounding and autonomous witnesses. Following this, you should inform your insurer about the accident. This applies even if you are not planning on making a claim. You should always seek medical attention as soon as possible and report the incident to the police as well as keep any relevant medical or official documents. Solicitors or you can use this, as well as any relevant photographs as evidence for your personal injury case. Depending on if you have third party or comprehensive insurance you can take relevant steps from here.

Road Accident - Legit Claims


An Uninsured Driver caused My Road Accident: What are My Compensation Rights?

If you did not know beforehand or were not under any obligation to know that the other driver was uninsured and you have comprehensive cover, you can use that cover to claim. This means that even if the other driver was uninsured if they caused your accident, you still have compensation rights. Otherwise, the MIB or Motor Insurer Bureau may also be able to assist you with your claim.   Car insurance payers fund it. It compensates road accident claims caused by non-traceable or uninsured drivers.

I am Uninsured and Was In A Road Accident: Do I Have Any Claim Rights?

Unfortunately, the situation is not great if you are uninsured and were involved in a road accident.  It means when it comes to third-party damage you do not have any claim rights. More than not having these claim rights,  you will face prosecution as well as possible investigation in terms of MOT and road tax.  In general, if you are uninsured and the police have pulled you over before then they may fine you again. Not only this but they may enforce a driving ban as well. This is why it is incredibly important to insure your car, not just in terms of claiming for accidents, but to avoid fines and driving bans.

We hope you now understand the importance of insuring your car. For assistance with any road traffic injury claims go to our solicitor portal. There you will find a solicitor that will ensure that the process meets all your claims rights or compensation rights.