What Steps Can You take if You have Been in a Cycling Accident?

An astonishing 75% of accidents happen in the area surrounding road junctions. It’s also proven by hospital data that 45% of child cyclists, suffer significant head injuries as a result of cycling accidents. The worst statistic is that just under 80% of fatal injuries occur in suburban areas. A cycling accident can be more severe than a lot of other types of accidents. This can be due to the motorists not always seeing cyclists, or expecting them on the road. Unlike motorists driving in cars, cyclists aren’t really protected at all. When a car traveling at a decent speed collides with a cyclist, injuries will definitely occur. Best chances are that the cyclist only receives a minor concussion. But unfortunately, some cycling accidents can be fatal.

After your involvement in such an accident, the first step to take is to move the bicycle and car out of the road. Secondly, if the collision was serious you should immediately call an ambulance and alert the police. It’s important for you to call the police as providing an accident report is important for making a claim.

It is also essential to visit the hospital or go see a general practitioner. You need to make sure you have no internal injuries.


Can You Claim for Damage to Your Personal Belongings?

A cycling accident can and will most certainly leave your belongings damaged. Luckily you can to add the cots to your claim. Even a minor bicycle and car collision will leave you with broken belongings.  To be able to claim for your damaged belongings you need to provide sufficient evidence. Write down all the belongings that you have with and on you when you’re cycling. Keep all the receipts as they will help you receive repairs. Take photos of your cycling equipment to present to the court that they did indeed sustain damage. You need any form of evidence showing your belongings received damage during the cycling accident.


How Can You Prevent a Cycling Accident?

Accidents happen so quickjly that prevention is nearly impossible. But road safety is just as important. Being prepared consists of two things, bicycle safety and knowing how RTA Claims work.  Gain us much knowledge concerning road rules for cyclists. It’s also wise to invest in a helmet camera. If you’re involved in a cycling accident and you have the footage recorded on your camera, you might just have everything needed to win your claim. Never delete past footage, store it somewhere on a hard drive or memory stick.

Camera footage is also a top point when it comes to RTA Claims Advice. Present the footage to your solicitor when opening a claim. The footage will most likely show you’re in the right and that’s enough to award you with compensation.

In short conclusion, it is important to remember to make sure to exchange details with the other party. You need to obtain the defendant’s details such as their name and number. If possible, take clear photos of the vehicle’s license plate as well as the accident scene. If there happen to be witnesses, make note of their names and contact details. Their testimonies will come in helpful when pursuing a Pi claim.