Claims Help! What Can I Do When Involved in a Bumper To Bumper Accident?

It’s said that during a minor accident such as a bumper to bumper, the person accused of being in the wrong is usually the car at the back. This is however not always the case. If a person in front of you suddenly stops and you drive into them, with sufficient evidence you can win the claim. The same applies to a motor vehicle reversing into you. Insurance companies know and consider all the possibilities that can occur.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone reveres into you, the first thing to do is stay calm. Having a fit of rage will definitely make matters worse. Remember, even though you were in the right, the collision is still most probably an accident. Exchanging details is extremely important. You need to be able to provide your insurance provider with as many information as possible. You need the other party’s name and surname, contact details, registration number as well as the name of their insurance company. Do research on claims help to know what other steps to take.


The next step to take is to identify potential witnesses. When you’re involved in a major or even a minor road traffic accident, it’s important to gather names and contact details for anyone who saw what occurred. After the crash both cars will come to a complete halt, this means that the accident scene will show a lot of evidence. During this opportunity, you need to take photos of the vehicles and the damage. The photographs might just reveal the true culprit right away.

Another extremely important thing to consider is injuries. Although the accident might not be an extreme car crash, injuries can still occur. A person might hit their head against the windscreen, and the other person might have whiplash. So keep in mind to check everyone involved to see if they are alright. If you need claims help concerning injuries, speak to a solicitor.


Can You Avoid These Types of Collisions?

Accidents like someone reversing into you can be prevented, however, the chances are quite small. Usually, it happens in the blink of an eye.  What you can do to avoid an accident is follow the right claims help.

Keep your eyes in front of you: If you see someone is about to reverse into you, signal them with the car horn. This is why you should not use your mobile phone when operating a vehicle. It draws your attention away from what’s in front of you.

Beware of backing away: If you see the other vehicle is about to hit you don’t just back away. You might end up reversing into someone. Only back away if there is space behind you.

Camera footage: This is the ideal scenario that shows the importance of a dashboard camera. The camera will immediately show what occurred and award you with the claim. If someone reverses into you while your car is parked and you’re in the mall as an example, then look for a nearby security camera that might have recorded what happened.

Keep a distance. Don’t position your vehicle right behind another person’s vehicle. If you keep at a distance and the car in front rolls, the driver might be able to stop their car from hitting yours. If you are too close to them, there won’t be time for the other driver to react. You can even contact Legit Claims concerning claims help.