Know More About Hearing Loss Claims: What is Conductive Hearing Loss?

Conductive hearing loss is when you lose hearing in the outer or middle ear. This makes it difficult for sound waves to pass through to the inner ear. A big sign of conductive hearing loss is if an individual struggle to hear others speaking amidst background noise. There are many causes of conductive hearing loss which include but are not limited to malformations or trauma of the outer or middle ear, eardrums that are perforated, otitis media which is a type of middle ear infection or lastly, benign tumours.

Two ways in which people approach conductive hearing loss is usually to either get a hearing aid or get Baha bone conduction implants. That being said, hearings aids are not always the best solutions. In fact, sometimes they can aggravate infections that are the cause of the conductive hearing loss. The Baha System, on the other hand, seems to be much more effective where it turns certain noises into vibrations and sends it to the inner ear.

Hearing Loss Claims: Can you Claim for Conductive Hearing Loss?

You may be thinking that it is all good and well that you understand what conductive hearing loss is, but the real question is, can you claim for it? You can claim hearing loss compensation if:

  • The loss is due to a third parties negligent or intentional behaviour. This occurs a lot in workplace situations. For example when employers do not follow the regulations of the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • You were not a willing participant in the causation event.
  • The third party had a level of duty of care that they failed to enact
  • The event was the actual cause of the injury
  • There was financial loss or harm due to this specific injury

Is that all I Need to Know to Answer the Question, ‘Can You Claim?’

Of course, that was an overall and basic answer to the question, ‘can you claim?’ Whether a solicitor will take your claim on, especially on a no-win no-fee basis, or if it will even be successful, is dependent on many factors. You can find out more about your chances by looking into a Step by Step Guide on Making Personal Injury Compensation Claims. Learn more about the personal injury process and hearing loss compensation in general.  It will ensure a smoother and more successful injury claim process.