Can You Actually Claim for Compensation when Bitten by a Dog?

Imagine walking in the park and a dog attacks you. Or worse, your kids could get hurt. Well, you could be eligible to apply for dog bite compensation. However, there are a lot of factors that should first be taken into consideration. The two most important factors are the location of the injury and the severity. There is also a third unseen injury that can occur. A dog attack can leave you with psychological injuries such a phobia development.

Once you’ve sought medical attention the doctor will issue a report stating the status of your injuries. The court will calculate your compensation accordingly to the information given. On top of your claim is the medical expenses you need to pay as well as extra hospital stay costs. If you were unable to attend work you have the opportunity to apply for loss of income. In some cases, the victim received tetanus due to the bite and it led to a higher compensation. A dog bite carries bacteria that can destroy one’s health.

So How Does Dog Bite Compensation Work?

Firstly it’s highly important that you find the right solicitor specializing in personal injury on a no win no fee basis. The solicitor will use your statement and your medical report to apply for your claim.  The law in the UK does not take into account what type of accident caused the injury. If you receive a severe dog bite you have the right to apply for injury compensation.

The court will declare that you truly have an injury and that the accident was by no way your fault. Your injuries will then fall under normal personal injuries. It’s only at the beginning of the claim application where there are complications.  The start of applying for dog bite compensation can be rather tricky.

Let Us give You an Example of a Dog Bite Compensation Claim.

A UK citizen took a stroll through a park when an escaped dog attacked. The dog bit the victim’s right hand. The dog came close to separating one of the fingers completely. Luckily the victim managed to escape and went right away to the hospital. The finger was barely part of the hand and the entire operation took close to three hours. After the operation, the finger was held together with wires for six months.

The dog bite victim went through constant physiotherapy for a duration of two months. After the therapy, the doctors could see that the finger was actually broken. Luckily it was discovered that the dog came storming out of an open door. The owners of the animal took full legal liability and the dog bite compensation claim was valid. Luckily the victim had the right solicitor providing claims advice concerning the accident.

For any injury similar to the one above you have a chance of receiving up to £14,000.  Follow the step by step compensation guide to improve the possibility of receiving compensation. If you happen to be a dog owner it’s your duty of care to prevent your dog from attacking innocent civilians.