Do you know your employee rights? Perhaps you slipped on a wet floor at work and now you are not sure what to do. This can be highly stressful. This means that understanding your employee rights can ensure that you take the right steps towards claiming the compensation you deserve.

Slip and Trip Claims: Duty of Care

Employers have many responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is their duty to protect you from a slip and fall accident. This responsibility includes educating you about safety in the workplace. Normally in the form of safety workplace induction. Your employer also has to inform you on how to get a hold of the accident book as well as report accidents as and when they occur. They must make sure all machinery and equipment is safe and in working condition. Lastly, your employer also has the responsibility to provide you with safety equipment training, take real action on reported hazards as well as have enough first aid on hand should an incident occur. For example, if you slipped on a wet floor at work and there was no sign this can perhaps be seen as negligent.

Employee Rights - Legit Claims

Your Employee Rights after a Slip and Fall Accident at Work

Here are a few employee rights to be aware of in the event of an accident at work:

  • Firstly your employee can not force you to return to work unless you have fully recovered.  In terms of this, when you do return to work, your employer has to give you duties of a lighter nature. This is until you are completely ready to take on your previous duties.
  • Your employer has to allow you the time to go to medical appointments during work hours. That being said, your employer can not prevent you from gaining medical attention.
  • On top of all of this, if you have had a slip and fall accident, your employer needs to make a succinct record of it.
  • Lastly, your employer has to pay you SSP or statutory sick pay. This is if you are taking time off due to your slip and fall

When it comes to slip and trip claims, claiming compensation can be challenging, even if it is your right. It is important to remember that you are entitled to make slip and trip claims if you have suffered an injury due to the employer’s fault and negligence.  It is also imperative that you understand that your employer has no right to threaten you.  For example, a threat concerning taking your job away if you dare to take action against them.

To find more out about the claims process Read Advice on Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Claims. If you need a lawyer to stand up for your employee rights than go to our solicitor portal.  You can also find out more about our personal injury claims services. That way if you have slipped on a wet floor at work, you will have the legal protection you need.