Are You Covered? The Importance of Worker Compensation Insurance.

You spend most of your time at work or doing something relating to your work. This is why the majority of accidents that occur in the UK are work accidents. Due to work accidents being at such heights, worker compensation insurance is now a must-have for employers. This is how the company meets employee rights.

From office work to working at a saw mill, serious accidents can happen. A slip and fall can leave you paralyzed just as a lumber saw can leave you with a disability. If the employer is obligated to pay the compensation out of the business account, the business will most likely go bankrupt. To avoid this, companies implement insurance policies. This way the company has employers insurance, meaning that no medical fees or compensation fall under their responsibility. Think of this as a win-win method for both employee and employer.


You, Your Employer and The Insurer

Accident claims are still made against the employer even with an insurance policy in place. After the claim is active against the company, they will hand it over to their insurance provider. The company itself has little to do with sorting out the claim. With workers compensation claims happening on a daily basis, the law steps in to oversee everything.

During such a claim, the claimant, as well as the employer, are under investigation. The insurance provider will investigate who was in the wrong. Were the company’s safety regulations and measures not of standard or did the employee fail to follow the measures. If an employee received an eye injury due to not wearing safety goggles, then the company will take no responsibility for the accident. These claims are like two kids arguing. The insurance provider, or in this case the parent will listen to both arguments first before picking a side.

Hire a personal injury lawyer before you apply for worker compensation insurance. The lawyer will most likely still request a court hearing to show the seriousness of the claim. With a court hearing, the claimant will also receive the fair amount of compensation.


Know Your Rights! Every Company Must Have Worker Compensation Insurance

The law states, even if the company only has one employee, he or she should receive insurance. If the employer doesn’t have an insurance policy in place it means they are violating the law. During an interview, you should ask if the company has worker compensation insurance. The contract that you sign will also most likely inform you of any insurance policies. That’s why reading a contract from to bottom before signing is mandatory.

If you are already working for a company and want to find out if they have insurance policies, you can ask anyone from the managing department. They will provide you with an answer right away or they will find out on your behalf. With work-related accident claims happening so often, more and more safety measures are being implemented. With a company having an insurance policy, they will go the extra mile to eliminate workplace dangers.