Posted by: Edna Hammami.
Just the  idea of crisp cold days and nights makes me reach for my wooly blanket, snuggling up in front of the telly. The harsh weather that Britain has battled through especially the snow storms of the past few weeks, may seem a long way off from disappearing.

But fear not. Sunday 1 April is Easter Sunday!  This signals new life and new beginnings with spring and (fingers crossed) the start of warmer days and blossoming trees and flowers all over the country.

Eater Bunny

You may also be thinking about new beginnings in your personal and business life – like starting up a new personal injury division in your law firm.

If you’re thinking about setting up a Personal Injury division, there’s lots of useful information and advice online, that can help you turn this thought into a reality.

Our guidance on how to successfully subscribe your Personal Injury Division and avoid missing genuine leads, is also a must. Plus, we have a handy tool that lets claimants check the potential value of their claim.

If you’re already a Personal Injury Lawyer or Solicitor, you can also put a ‘spring’ into your firm by making the most of the services we offer:

Register and Subscribe Online

If you haven’t already, register online and save your law firm time and money. Over 80% of law firms’ Marketing Budget is cut by using our tested method of driving leads through your door.  Benefit from your built-in micro-site that help you stay in touch with clients and convert them into instructions.

Sign-up for Email News Alerts

Sign-up to our email alerts and never miss out on the latest news and information from Legit Claims. You can pick and choose the topics that interest you, or subscribe to them all in one simple click.


As a subscribed law firm online, you can sign-up to our newsletter. When your firm would like to post comments on articles and blogs, you can simply follow the links in the email of the article that interest you.  

Check Your Personal Injury Law Firms Information for Free

Check if your law firm information is recorded correctly from your existing website into ours. Log in to your dashboard or micro-site on Legit Claims and update any changes to your law firm.  It will also be a good time to make sure your team information is correct.

Easter Eggs

So, crack open an Easter egg, put your feet up and visit us online to find out how it could be the start of a ‘new beginning’ this Easter for you and your law firm or new Personal Injury division.

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