Work Accident Claims Include a Variety of Accidents

Work accident claims can be made for a variety of injuries at work. An accident at work could be anything from a fairly minor brush with unsafe equipment up to serious personal injury. In terms of a workplace accident claim, a minor injury is when an individual has suffered a non-permanent injury. This injury must simultaneously be due to the fault of a third party. By definition, this type of injury must have disrupted the individuals’ life in some manner. This includes injuries to soft tissue, contusions, resultant back or neck pain as well as cuts and bruises. Excerpt from Have you Suffered a Minor Injury During an Accident at Work? The basic building blocks of successful work accident claims centralizes around these two questions:

1)  Proof of Your Injury

Your first step in terms of work accident claims should be to gather as much information as possible.

  • Report the injury, accident or illness to an employer, HR representative or Health and Safety officer on duty. Furthermore, this must be someone who was on duty right at the time of the accident.
  • Make a note of the incident in your company accident book. Of course, this is essential to making a strong case for your work accident claim.
  • Take the names and contact details of witnesses. Also, take note of CCTV footage in support of your work accident claim.
  • Take photographs of yourself and the area where the accident or injury took place.
  • Retain all medical records if you have had to make a trip to the hospital or seek medical advice from a private doctor.

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2) How much Compensation do Work Accident Claims Involve?

The purpose of most work accident claims calculators available on the worldwide web today is to give you an idea of the amount you might be able to claim.

Considerations around Claim Calculators:

  • Use estimated accident claim values as a guideline only. In most cases, negotiations between the specialist work accident claim solicitor and the employer/parties affect work accident claims.
  • Your compensation amount also depends on a number of things, such as the severity of your injury, the length of your recovery and any loss of earnings.
  • However, all of the values according to the accident at work claim calculators are taken from official figures is so you can be sure the value given is realistic. Of course, our claim calculatoris always available if you need to estimate a compensation amount but a solicitor search will most likely provide you with a lawyer who can assist you with a more accurate estimation.

On the last note, it is essential to remember that according to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, your employer has a legal duty to protect you while you work. Of course, If they fail in this duty then it can often prove catastrophic.

In a survey carried out by, 45% of people said they would worry about their job if making a claim against their employer. We urge you to not fear that you will loose your job. It is illegal for an employer to dismiss an employee because of a personal injury or work accident claim. Take the stress and worry out of the claims process with Legit Claims by your side.