How can You Best Assist Your Lawyer with Your Accident Claims?

Some of you may read the title and think ‘Help my lawyer make better accident claims? Isn’t that their job?’ The answer is yes. It is their job and they will, hopefully, be doing all they can to gain maximum injury compensation for you. The reality is though, that in any working relationship, some effort and communication is needed from both sides.

The Best Thing to Do is to Be Prepared

Here are a few pointers as to what preparation can be handled prior to meeting your personal injury solicitor for the first time.

  • Have Some Available Evidence and Do Some Research

All accident claims cases require evidence in order to make an injury compensation claims.  A lot of the evidence from the primary accident or scene is important. The injury lawyer cannot get hold of a lot of this evidence by proxy of not being there such as photographs and witness details. Getting accurate recollections after the fact will also be tedious, so be sure to collect them when the incident occurs.

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It will also serve you very well to understand the personal injury compensation process. This will assist you to maintain a clear and cohesive relationship with the injury lawyer. Additionally you will be able to ask the right questions remain informed of the procedures during accident claims process. Much information is also available on the internet. A quick Google search should do the trick in this case or you can subscribe to the Legit Claims Blog. We understand personal injury claims and offer valuable insights including Accident claims: The ultimate guide to the personal injury claims process.

  • Be Clear on Your Goals and Costs

As with all relationships, being clear on what you want and in which direction you wish to go always makes it clearer and easier for both parties. It also prevents any possible future conflicts. Your goals should include any details you may think are important, any concerns you have as well as what you would like done by when. In terms of costs, this discussion should revolve around estimates – whether it be overall or hourly rates. There are many ways available to establish what your claim could be worth. Use the Legit Claims Calculator to find out how much you might be entitled to today.

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Effective Communication is Essential to Success

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You need to understand what is going on in your accident claims case so you and your injury lawyer can move forward in a productive manner. Sometimes lawyers tend to speak in overly technical jargon. Do not be afraid to ask any questions or ask your injury lawyer to explain something you don’t quite understand.

  • Let Them Know If You Are Upset

In every professional relationship, there will be some rocky roads. Be honest with your solicitor if there is something you feel that they are not doing right in terms of your injury compensation case. If the solicitor does not respond to you, you do have the right to legally complain to the Legal Ombudsman.  To find solicitors who will never give you a reason to complain, use the Legit Claims Online Portal. Solicitors you can trust

  • Let Them Do Their Jobs

While every lawyer appreciates your being straightforward with what you want in the injury compensation claim, at the end of the day this is still their job. Micromanaging or nagging at your solicitor will probably just slow things down. Find a balance between communication and letting go of the reigns.