Holiday Accident Claims With Travel Insurance

Q:  If I and other members of the holiday get food poisoning whilst on holiday, will we be able to submit holiday accident claims?

A: The short answer is yes. You will be able to submit a holiday sickness claim if you have booked with a UK package holiday provider. Furthermore, if there is evidence of others in the holiday group suffering from food poisoning as well.

Q: If I am injured whilst on holiday will I be able to submit a holiday accident claim?

A: If you have booked with a UK package holiday provider and the injury is evidentially due to the holiday provider’s negligence you will be able to submit a holiday accident claim.

Q: What tips would you suggest in order for me to submit a cohesive claim with substantive evidence?

A: In order to submit a substantive claim you should make sure to get immediate medical attention. Furthermore, you should make sure to keep the medical documents and any physical or picture evidence of the injury or illness. Adding, it is also advisable to write a formal complaint to the holiday provider and to get in touch with a lawyer dealing in holiday compensations as soon as possible.

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Holiday Accident Claims Without Travel Insurance

Q: In what ways does the EHIC allow me to claim?

A: The EHIC allows you to receive state-level medical treatment in any EU country as well as Lietzchenstein, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. This state-level medical treatment will either be free or at a reduced cost depending on the country. In some cases, you will be able to claim back the money on your return to the UK.

Q: Does the voting in of Brexit effect my ability as a UK citizen to use my European Health Insurance Card?

A: As of this moment the EHIC remains available to all UK citizens.

Q:  Would you recommend the European Health Insurance Card as a replacement for private travel insurance?

A: No. There are many countries outside of Europe as well as many medical costs that the EHIC will not allow you to claim compensation for.

Holiday Accident Claims for Children

Q:  Can a child submit his or her own holiday accident claim?

A: No. Any person under the age of 18 needs a ‘litigation friend’ to submit a claim on his or her behalf. Otherwise, the child has 3 years after his or her 18th birthday to submit the claim independently.

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Q: Does the child or ‘litigation friend’ have access to the compensation?

A: Very rarely does the ‘litigation friend’ have the ability to access the child’s compensation. To be more specific, the compensation is usually kept in a secured account until the child’s 18th birthday.


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