The Importance of Understanding Holiday Accident Compensation Claims.

If you are going on a holiday abroad this year it is important to be aware of the legality surrounding holiday accident compensation claims. According to The Office for National Statistics   in the year 2017, there was an average of 4000 to around 6000 UK citizens traveling abroad per month. We can assume that many of these individuals were taking a holiday abroad and many of them unaware of holiday accidents and how to claim compensation for this type of personal injury.

In terms of claiming for holiday accidents, you must ask yourself if you have booked through a UK package holiday company. If so, the legal state and processes are fairly direct.

Legal Compensation Conditions for Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

  • You have the right to claim if you have suffered physical injury due to negligence on part of the holiday provider.
  • Food poisoning is a rightful case for compensation as well. Although, this is only the case if a group of holiday goers suffers from the same condition.
  • If you had to use your own money to pay for any inconvenience caused by said poisoning or personal injury or, as a result, did not enjoy your time  you also have the right to claim.
  • You have three years from the date of such an occurrence to submit a claim. If you are under 18 years old you have three years from the day of your 18th birthday to submit a claim.

Legal Compensation Conditions for Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

Compensation Amounts for Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

  • In terms of food poisoning, the severity of the condition is predictive of the amount you will be compensated for. Mild food poisoning can range from a rounded off estimate of £700 to £3000. More severe cases can be claimed for up to a rounded off estimate of £8000.  The damage to your internal organs can range from around £4000 to £14000. This depends on how permanent the damage is.
  • The amount of compensation for physical or personal injuryis quite specific to the type of personal injury. This,  as well as the situation in which it occurred.

The Best Route to Claiming for Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

  1. Get immediate medical attention.  Make sure to keep all relevant medical documents as evidence.
  2. In the case of food poisoning, keep all relevant food samples. Also, keep a record of others in your holiday group suffering from similar ailments and  a food diary. Lastly, write a formal complaint to the operator and hotel. Make sure to keep a copied version of this complaint about yourself.
  3. In both cases, you can use picture evidence from your camera. You can use this as well as video footage in order to substantiate your claim.
  4. You should then get into contact with a UK lawyer specializing in holiday illness claims for further consultation.

The Best Route to Claiming for Holiday Accident Compensation Claims

Furthermore, it is important; in terms of holiday accident compensation claims to always keep a record of your policy number. This, as well as the insurer details. This must be with you at all times whilst on holiday.

We all want to enjoy a relaxing and safe holiday. Therefore, educating yourself on compensation for holiday injuries and illnesses is essential for your relaxation.  If your holiday has been cut short due to an injury, heighten your peace of mind by using our claim calculator. You can also search for a solicitor nearby or read more about holiday accidents by going to Holiday Accident Claims: Frequently Asked Questions.

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