UK Government Calls for Evidence in a bid to Decrease Holiday Injury Claims.

The Ministry of Justice has implemented a ‘Call for Evidence’ campaign due to a significant rise in the amount of holiday injury claims. It seems that the whiplash claim saga has now made its way over to the holiday and travel industry.

Illegal holiday sickness claimants might as well begin shivering in their boots. There has been a significant rise in holiday injury claims of an estimate of 500%, in the last three years. As a result,  there is a call for those in the travel industry to provide evidence of false claims. This is specifically regarding UK citizens. No other nationalities holiday sickness claims have risen this high.  Touts and cold-calling are the claimed causes of these false injury claims.  The sickness used is usually that of gastric illness.

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Many do not challenge these claims in court due to the high expenses. Costs can amount to £25 000 from a £5000 claim.

These Illegal Claims Could have Detrimental Effects for not only the Travel Industry but UK Citizens as well.

There are detrimental effects of illegal injury claims on the travel industry. Not only this, but they also negatively affect UK families wanting to go on a relaxing holiday.  The higher the volume of false  holiday sickness claims, the larger the negative effects.

This is because the illegal claims cost the industry a lot of money. At the same time, it may increase holiday prices for families in the UK.  ABTA estimates claim that the cost to the industry could surpass £240 0000.  Furthermore, this means that if you are a UK citizen, false claimant’s actions can directly affect you and your family.

This Call for Evidence by the Ministry of Justice is an initiative that is attempting to prevent the future loss of unnecessary money for both parties involved.

The ‘Call for Evidence’ Campaign Involves a Procedure of Collecting a Wide Range of Evidence as Well as New Proposals on Behalf of the Ministry.

The Ministry has Already Enacted the ‘Call for Evidence’ Procedure

The ‘Call for Evidence’ procedure  which began on the 17th of October this year, remaining open for four weeks, is proposing that those in the travel business provide them with a wide variety of could-be evidence. This includes all the paid out yet still concerning claims.

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Following this, the government will implement relevant operations. This is perhaps in an effort to reduce the probability of it repeating itself.

New Proposal Being put Forward by the Ministry

In order to create more foreseeable costs involving defense, the Ministry is putting forward a new proposal that will be sent to the Civil Procedure Committee for deliberation.  This proposal sees that tour operators should, in the future, begin paying out the specific amount. Contact Legit Claims an online portal to make a legit holiday injury claim today.