Hearing Loss Claims: What Exactly is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial deafness is also sometimes known as noise induced hearing loss or NIHL. This is when an individual suffers hearing damage due to high levels of noise in high-noise level working conditions.  Many people only notice the effects years after the job. When it comes to industrial deafness, the earlier you manage to pinpoint it, the better. Furthermore, the ‘Control of Work and Noise Regulations 2005’ makes employers legally obliged to provide the workers with adequate noise protection. If they do not, there are various types of industrial deafness that you can make noise induced hearing loss claims for. This includes tinnitus, acoustic trauma, permanent hearing loss and temporary hearing loss. Let us examine each of these types of hearing loss more closely:

  • Tinnitus:  This type of noise inducedhearing loss claims – which are the more common types, will symptomatically show up. Tinnitus is revealed as whistling, buzzing or ringing noises in one or both of the ears.
  • Acoustic Trauma: The result of the ear being exposed to constant and or repetitive loud noises. This is specifically from a very close proximity. The damage ranges from mild to severe such as perforated eardrums.
  • Permanent Hearing Loss: This type of industrial deafnessis usually the result of constant high-level noises without adequate protection. The hearing slowly starts to deteriorate over a long period of time, without any symptomatic improvement.
  • Temporary Hearing Loss: Thisis when individual’s ears are exposed to high levels of noise. This is specifically over several hours leading to symptoms of industrial deafness. If the individual has sufficient time to recover then this type of industrial deafness usually falls away. Although if not it can evolve into permanent hearing loss.

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims: How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

Of course, one cannot specifically and accurately predict their hearing loss claims compensation amount. Hearing loss claims amounts vary based on the severity as well as the circumstances. However, a very rough estimate is always possible. Slight tinnitus/ hearing loss varies from £4000   £7000.  Moderate tinnitus/ hearing loss varies from £80000 – £15 0000. Significant tinnitus and hearing loss varies from £16 000 to £29 000.  Full hearing loss varies from £17, 500- £70 000. This depends on the severity and whether it’s either ears or just one. You can use the Legit Claims calculator.to get an estimate of the compensation you may be entitled to. If you are in need of a solicitor or you are not sure how much you can claim for your industrial deafness or work accident case, then search for a solicitor .

At the end of the day, noise induced hearing loss is not the only injury that can come about at work. On top of hearing loss claims, work accident claims – in general, can be quite a challenging process but that is why you have the law on your side. By law, all employers have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure the safety of their employers. Read more about this with our Guide to Making Work Accident Compensation Claims