Why We Need to Talk About the Early Symptoms of Industrial Hearing Loss?

At its most basic, industrial hearing loss occurs due to high levels of noise in the workplace. There are many types of deafness claims you can make but to learn more about this side of it and how to gain compensation you should read Industrial Deafness Types and Hearing Loss Claims.

Of course before you even begin thinking about deafness claims and gaining compensation, it is good to have an idea whether you are in fact, experiencing a loss of hearing. Today we want to talk about the early symptoms of industrial deafness because according to audiology online, “The sooner you can detect hearing loss, the better the outcome for the person with the loss. Hearing loss can occur at any age and hearing screening plays a vital role to ensure that patients can avoid communication roadblocks and potentially have a better quality of life.”

What Are the Early Signs of Industrial Hearing loss?

The early signs of hearing loss

Although there is not too much information regarding early symptoms of deafness that are specific to industry, there are symptoms according to Hearing Link of general hearing loss which include:

  • Muffled hearing almost as if something is covering your ears
  • Turning the TV or other noise objects up louder in order to hear
  • Missing phone calls, doorbells or having to turn neck to hear:
  • Denial or Fear of losing your hearing
  • Missing parts of conversations and asking others to repeat themselves

Industrial Hearing Loss - Legit Claims

The General Signs of Industrial Hearing Loss

There are general symptoms specific to industry. Many of these symptoms are similar or seemingly a later development of early on symptoms of early and general hearing loss symptoms. They include:

  • Missing parts of conversations and struggling to hear others when there is background noise
  • Turning the TV or other objects up louder in order to hear
  • One or both ears has a lack of hearing
  • Buzzing, ringing or hissing noises in ears
  • Permanent or temporary loss of hearing

Are You at Risk? Deafness Claims and Getting the Compensation You Deserve.

If you think you are suffering from industrial hearing loss or losing your hearing in general you should contact your medical practitioner immediately and go for a hearing test. If it is seen to be due to industry conditions you should contact a solicitor to make a claim. Many personal injury solicitors can assist with deafness claims and gaining decent compensation for them. To find a personal injury solicitor that can assist you with your industrial hearing loss claim use our solicitor portal.