Industrial Injury Statistics

You may wonder how common industrial injury is. According to a 2017 HSE Report, there were “137 workers killed at work”. Out of this, 609 000 workers reported non-fatal injuries.  This is why it important to know how much compensation you can claim. The first question is though, what exactly is an industrial injury?

What is an Industrial Injury?

Before we move onto the claims process, it is important to answer the question ‘what is an industrial injury? At its most basic an industrial injuries is when someone is injured whilst performing their working duties. If an employer is not protecting their employees within reasonable standards and this is why the industrial injury occurs, an employee can lay a claim against an employer for their injury. An employer’s duty to the safety of their employees includes supplying them with safety equipment, give them the proper training and set relevant safety protocols in place.

Industrial Injury - Legit Claims

How Can I Claim Compensation for an Industrial Injury?

Now that we have answered the question ‘what is an industrial injury?’ we can move onto ‘how can I claim compensation for it’?Of course, before we answer, ‘how can I claim compensation’, it is important to first ask, can I claim compensation? The short answer is if you have an injury that occurred whilst you were on duty, it is due to your employer’s negligence and you have evidence then yes. You most likely have grounds for laying an industrial injury claim against your employer. However, if you go through the DBS, you may be able to claim without proving fault as the DBS or Disablement Benefit Scheme is a “no-fault scheme” To make a claim with the DBS you need to have an employment contract or on a training scheme. Furthermore, you need to be on a prescribed list. The amount you receive will depend on your specific context following ‘levels of disablement.’

Of course, there are many types of industrial injuries that can affect you and your loved ones. One of them is industrial hearing loss. If this is a specific industrial injury you would like to know more about then you should read Industrial Deafness and Types of Hearing Loss Claims.If you would like to make an industrial injury claim outside the DBS then use our solicitor portal to find a solicitor that suits you or speak to a professional solicitor and answer the question can I claim?‘ once and for all. This means that you will probably go through the usual personal injury claims process. To prepare for this read, Accident Claims: The Ultimate Guide to the Personal Injury Claims Process.