All About our Holiday Reading List for Personal Injury Claims

We have compiled a reading list that can assist you along the injury claims road. If you or someone you know has been involved in a personal injury claim, finding as much information as possible is crucial.  Additionally, reviews are included with a little more information about the authors. As usual, all books found on this reading list are available from

Generally speaking, this reading list reflects our belief that reading is one of the most wonderful experiences available to us. Therefore, we have chosen books that provide a great foundation and explain unfamiliar terms in an easy-to-understand language.

Our disclaimer: we have tried to narrow down the focus to the subject of personal injury claims, relevant to people living in the UK. Additionally, please note there are literally hundreds of books available on this subject to the public in general.

Lastly, we hope you will find our selection informative and as educational as we have.

After The Car Crash!: A Comprehensive Guide for Victims and Attorneys to Recover Your Health and Protect Your Rights!

The first book on our reading list is written by 25 year veteran physician and author Chris Quigley. As a whole, he takes the reader through the steps of healing after a traumatic vehicle accident. To begin with, he explores the most common obstacles of dealing with insurance companies and lawyers alike. Additionally, Chris shares his knowledge and expertise as a doctor abundantly. In the end, this read offers a holistic approach to healing your body and your wallet in the aftermath of trauma.

Holiday Reading List for Personal Injury Claims: After The Car Crash by Christopher J. Quigley

About the Author

Dr. Christopher J. Quigley has been in practice in Beacon Hill, Boston for over 25 years. He has extensive credentials and training in spinal trauma and triage, medical-legal documentation, Colossus, MRI interpretation, accident reconstruction and spinal biomechanics.

In essence, this book comes highly recommended. “A great reference for any individual dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Anyone will benefit from the research, facts and scientific data this book provides. Great for doctors, lawyers and people involved with a car accident.”

Be a Smart Client: How To Hire The Best Lawyer And Help Win Your Case

This summative paperback (2015) by Ellen L Hughes describes her practiced methods on how to find the best legal assistance. For the most part, Ellen elaborates broadly on how to communicate effectively with your legal representation. Written in a friendly manner, this easy to use DIY guide asks questions such as: “When that day comes, do you know how to choose a good lawyer?. Will you know what to say?.”

About the Author

Ellen Hughes started The McKee Company. It publishes DIY manuals with instructions. Furthermore, drawing on her vast experience in law and alternative health, she creates products that range from business to health fields.  Of course, all are available on Amazon.

Recommendation: This book has been described by a law professor as *a fantastic guide for clients to understand their lawyers and how best to utilize legal services, proactively.*

Principles of Medical Law 4th Edition by Judith Laing & Jean McHale

Now in its fourth edition, Principles of Medical law offers scholars, practitioners and academics a comprehensive account of the common law and statutory provisions governing healthcare in England and Wales. It can be described as an authoritative and up-to-date account of medical law. The clear layout, writing style, extensive referencing and detailed index make this an indispensable resource for lawyers, students and the public in general.

Holiday Reading List for Personal Injury Claims: Principles of Medical Law by Judith Laing

About the Authors

Dr Judith Laing is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Bristol. She has written many important works. Her main research and teaching interests are in medical & mental health law and criminal law & justice. Jean McHale is Professor of Health Care Law and Director of the Centre for Health Law, Science & Policy at the University of Birmingham.

Evaluation for Personal Injury Claims (Best Practices for Forensic Mental Health Assessments) 1st Edition by Andrew W. Kane  (Author), Joel A. Dvoskin (Author)

Because this series includes 19 topical volumes it provides for an extensive read on the subject of Forensic mental health assessment (FMHA). In short, each volume fulfils a relevant legal and psychological concept. Coupled with a specialized description of the assessment process, it starts from preparing for the evaluation to writing the report and testifying in court.

“This excellent book is not exhaustive, but it provides important information, especially for clinicians who are learning how to conduct these evaluations. The authors are experts in the field and the book is easy to read.” — Gary B Kaniuk, Psy.D. (Cermak Health Services), Doody’s

Although these books can all assist you in the process of making a personal injury claim, a book cannot physically make a claim for you or represent you. Find a personal injury lawyer you can trust should you wish for further assistance in your injury claims process. We also recommend you read more about calculating compensation amounts with How to Use the Legit Claims Calculator.