What does Your Personal Injury Compensation Depend On?

First and foremost, it is very difficult to give an accurate idea of exactly how much personal injury compensation you might receive.  Overall, your claim may depend massively on the exact way the injuries have affected you.

How much is Your Personal Injury Compensation Claim Worth? - Legit Claims

Accordingly, You are Entitled to Four Main Loss and Expense Types:

Special Damages

Special damages are past financial expenses that you have incurred as a result of your personal injury. Of course, you will need receipts to prove the amounts. This may be for care, for loss of earnings, travel expenses or treatment costs.

General Damages

General damages describe personal injury compensation in terms of money payouts.  These are for the pain and loss of amenity that you have suffered from the injuries arising from the negligence. This is used to compensate you for pain and suffering for your physical and psychological injuries.


You can claim interest on your pain and suffering and financial losses.  Furthermore, you may also look at future losses and seek to recover for loss of earnings in the future or reduction in pension and or any on-going care needs that you might have as well.

How much is Your Personal Injury Compensation Claim Worth? - Legit Claims

Legal Costs and No-win No-Fee

Generally, the solicitor fees are based on the time they spent working on your injury compensation claim. More specifically, the amount will depend on the charge per hour known as the “charge rate”. Therefore,  you should be notified of this in writing at the beginning of your claim.

The term No-win No-fee refers to a funding agreement for legal costs. Its full legal term is a No-win No-fee costs agreement or alternatively a conditional fee agreement (also known as a CFA).

This type of agreement is put in place by a solicitor who is pursuing a claim for UK compensation on your behalf and as the name suggests it ensures that if your claim is not successful you will not be liable to pay your solicitor’s costs.

How Much Medical Negligence Compensation can You Claim?

Your medical negligence representation is able to calculate the pain and suffering of your medical negligence compensation. This is by looking at average compensation pay-outs awarded for a similar injury in the UK courts in the past.

Be sure to discuss this with your solicitor fully to ensure that you may recover the highest reward possible for your injuries.

Compensation Summary

In conclusion, it is now important you choose the best representation to make your injury compensation claim.  Go to solicitor search for a detailed lawyer’s directory or use the claim calculator. If you simply want to further expand your knowledge on compensation claims should an unfortunate situation arise than perhaps you should read Tips to Claiming Compensation Successfully.