The epidemiologist Sue Baker founded the first 3 E‘s of injury prevention strategies. In a New York Times’ article, Dr. Gary Smith  said, “Sue is to injury prevention what Einstein was to theoretical physics.” Of course, if the Einstein of Injury prevention strategies could maybe help us, it would be a good idea to take notes. So get your pen and notebook out as we explore the 3 first ‘E’s of injury prevention strategies.

  1. Environment and Product Design

This is what can maybe be termed ‘baby proofing on a larger scale. ‘For example, modifying the environment of areas such as old age homes where you could put rails in the bathroom. This is an unassertive type of system. It falls under the injury prevention strategies catalogue and ensures the maximum amount of safety for those in the area.

  1. Enforcement of Legislation

Penalizing companies and individuals who do not follow certain injury prevention policies is a great way to ensure safety. The fact that you can claim due to another party’s negligence is a living example of this injury prevention strategy.

  1. Education

Education, that is important when it comes to injury prevention tips. This is by informing individuals as well as removing whatever misinformation they may have come across. An example is teaching kids to wear a seat belt.

Injury Prevention - Legit Claims

How Can You Claim?

You may be thinking, well it’s all good and well that I know these injury prevention tips.  Although,  the question still is, can you claim? If these 3 injury prevention tip were not implemented due to the negligence of another party, then the answer to ‘can you claim?’ is yes. You may be able to make a personal injury claim and get the benefit of claims services. You should first seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should inform the police as well as your insurance company if that Is relevant. For example, a road accident would be a relevant injury. You should also gather as much evidence as possible. This includes taking down witness details, taking photographs, and writing a fresh record of the event. Getting in touch with legal claims services can also be helpful if it is a complex case. Use our portal to get in touch with professional claims services. You can also read Top 5 Personal Safety Tips to Prevent Personal InjuryThis is if you are interested in more ways you can protect yourself and your family.