The Rise of Insurance Fraud

According to ABI, insurance fraud in the UK steadily rose between the years 2004 to 2014. The known cases totaled 130 000 and 1.3 billion in pounds in 2014. Furthermore, of all of these fraud types, motor vehicle accident claims were the highest case.

What do These Fraudsters do?

This type of fraud is when fraudsters make false claims in order to gain compensation from an insurance company.  More specifically, the creation of false information or purposefully destroying assets are two ways to which they commit this type of fraud. In some cases, the insurance fraudsters simply exaggerate the amount lost.

In terms of motor vehicle accident claims, fraudsters can be found guilty of contrived accidents and claims of phantom passengers. On top of this, they can also be found guilty of accidents that were staged as well as fronting and commercial liability fraud.

The court found two fraudsters guilty of laying false motor vehicle accident claims in May of this year. These fraudsters asked for multiple compensations concerning vehicle damage costs on behalf of solicitors and injuries. Adding, the third individual involved admitted guilt before trial. Furthermore, these individuals were purposefully creating dangerous situations for the public in which they created fake accidents.

Legit Claims - Fraud

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How to Avoid Fraudsters on the Road

To avoid becoming a victim of false motor vehicle accident claims it is advisable to be vigilant on the roads. This means being vigilant of distracting tailgaters, always remaining at a safe distance as well as being wary of areas of stop-start congestion or when in lanes. Of course, this is especially important if you are the owner of a commercial vehicle.Legit Claims - Insurance

Solicitors or Fraudsters?

In April this year, the court sentenced solicitor Nadir Suleman and his colleagues to jail. This was after it became obvious that he was using his position of power to conduct a series of complex insurance fraud cases.

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