Any type of accident can occur, and if it is the fault of another, it becomes necessary for you to inquire whether it can qualify for personal injury compensation. With Legit Claims, you will be able to find a solicitor to help you determine if your case will have its day in court. In order for you to claim for your injury successfully, there are two types of proceedings to follow.  Your solicitor can file a civil case dispute or a criminal lawsuit. How can you find out in which category your injury will settle?  Let’s first have a look at what a personal injury claim can entail. Secondly, we want to ask: What is a civil case dispute and what is a criminal lawsuit?

Are You Considering a Claim for Personal Injury?

A personal injury is when you are suffering from an injury that is of a physical or psychological nature that involves a third party. In many cases this can be during an accident at work, falling or slipping or even a motor vehicle accident that was the fault of another person. Injury lawsuits involve the claiming of compensation for the loss of income and pain and suffering you may have occurred in any incident. For example, if you have been injured at work, compensation can involve the cost of treatment as well as compensation for the time you are unable to work due to the injury. Claims are settled based on the severity of the injury, and of course, other factors involved such as insurances, your employer’s willingness to settle etc.

What is a Civil Case?

There is a range of disputes that gets filed as civil cases, however, we are only looking at a personal injury which is part of that range. Usually, there are two ways to get compensation. You can decide to settle your claim without a court hearing or your solicitor can file your injury lawsuit as a civil case dispute. A great deal of these claims settles without a court hearing.  This happens when a claim is settled against a third party who wishes for an amicable agreement, for example, an insurance company. In most cases a claimant will save on costs if the claim settles out of court, however, a civil dispute in court could grant a bigger claim settlement – if successful. It is important to remember that court proceedings do involve legal fees, which can be risky. We would recommend the services of a no win no fee solicitor to find out if you can make a successful claim. To find out more we recommend you read What does No-Win No-Fee mean?

The Definition of a Criminal Lawsuit

When a person causes an injury with the intent to cause damage or harm, it is a criminal act.  The criminal law is there to make sure that every citizen knows what is acceptable conduct.

Criminal acts and behavior are punishable by the law. Consequently, criminal lawsuits seek to impose legal penalties against criminal acts, such as imprisonment and public service.  No compensation is payable for a criminal lawsuit. It is always best to speak to your personal injury solicitor to find out which category your injury claim belongs and how it can be processed.

In Conclusion

No one wants to be in an accident, even more so, have an injury that has a severe impact on one’s life.  Expenses for treatment can run high, not to mention the loss of income and loss of body function. Legit claims can help. With claims advice, a claims calculator and much more, you can find the compensation you deserve.