Knee Injury Claims: What Is The Most Common Type of Knee injury?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be one most common type of knee injury. Although, according to Bupa soft tissue and knee ligament injuries both seem to be in the running.

Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Tendon injuries: Frequent sports activity can injure the muscles that connect to your knees
  • Cartilage injuries: Your meniscus can become worn out over time. You can damage it through sport

Knee Ligament Injuries

  • Cruciate ligament injuries: This is when individuals damage their posterior and anterior cruciate ligament.
  • Collateral ligament injuries: This is when individuals damage either their lateral collateral ligament (LCL) or their medial collateral ligament (MCL)

Knee Injury - Legit Claims

Injury Compensation ClaimsCan I File a Claim?

Many may be wondering if taking the knee injury claims route is possible. They may be wondering if they can file a claim.  Compensation claims are possible. This is if the knee injury was directly a result of a third party’s oversight or negligence.  It must also have occurred within the last three years. Of course, the more evidence you have the more likely your chances are of being able to file a claim. Knee injury claims evidence can include but is by no means limited to medical reports, photographs and police reports. This, as well as anything that can point to the injuries occurrence and third party responsibility.

  • A Split Liability Agreement for Knee Injury Accidents

When it comes to making compensation claims, a lot of knee injury accidents or knee injury claims end in a split party agreement due to the fact that unlike most claims, with these type of cases, the injury can usually be traced to negligence from both sides.

  • Compensation Amounts for a Knee Injury

Sprains or painful knees usually are compensated for between a few hundred pounds up to a rounded up amount of £5000. Mild cartilage damage and dislocations can range from rounded off estimates of £5000 to £11000. More serious instances range from rounded from figures of £11 000 to £20 000. Incredibly serious injuries range between £19 000 and £73125

If you want to make an even more accurate assessment based on your knee injury and situation then use the Legit Claims Calculator or search through our solicitor portal to see who you would like to file a claim with. If you are thinking of looking for no win no fee options, then you should first read, What Percentage Do No Win No Fee Injury Claim Solicitors Take? At Legit Claims, we realize that accidents happen all the time and we are here to help you find the best legal services.