Part II: Find a Solicitor That is Perfect for you With
the Legit Claims Online Claims Portal.

With this second installment of our feature series: Introducing Legit Claims, we would like to highlight a few unique features of the Legit Claims online portal. Firstly let’s start by welcoming you to our Blog. If you are reading this then you have undoubtedly come across our website and maybe you wish to pursue a claim or wish to know more. You can even be a Solicitor or a member of a law firm who is searching for ways to increase their exposure on the web. Whichever it is, you have come to the right place.

Let us put it simply: Legit Claims is a service. We aim to connect people. So with our service we do more than just offer a way to find a perfect Solicitor. We offer a way for Solicitors to obtain more clients and yes, we offer important information about claims. This includes different types of claims and  what will qualify as an injury should you wish to make a claim. Other general information at your fingertips includes what a No Win No Fee agreement is and how much time you have to make a claim from the date of the incident.

The Legit Claims Story

We know that finding the right solicitor can be a arduous task. Many many hours can be spent reading directory listings. Visiting the website pages of different service providers and trying to figure out whether a specific Solicitor or law Firms can actually provide you the help that you need. Then let us imagine finding the right lawyers just to find out they do not offer services in your area. Well, with the onset of the Legit Claims website, we have envisioned these scenarios. We have created this special website to eliminate all those possible avenues. It will lead you straight to the right place. With the least bit of effort.

We know that the claims process can be a hard road if you do not have the right assistance and people to lead the way. That is why we are here for you. We use technology to help you. We facilitate the process of finding the right Solicitor in the time when you probably need it the most!

Legit Claims - Solicitor


How to Use the Legit Claims Search Facility

With the use of our online claims portal you can easily search for the most suitable legal representation. Our website focuses on claims only, so you will not be faced with the task of filtering through numerous options to find an actual representative who specializes in Personal Injury Claims. All the law Firms and Solicitors featured on our website specializes in the Personal Injury Claims area of law. We have further refined our listings to specific types of claims, for example Slips, Trip and fall accidents. Alternatively if you wish to pursue a claim for a Holiday accident you just need to change your search criteria to find the right options again. This is how it works:

Find your Nearest Claims Solicitors

Search by Claim Type

When you start typing the type of injury claim you would like to search for, you will be assisted with the automatic completion of the various types of claims supported throughout. These choices includes: work accident claim, road accident claim, trip and slip claim, medical negligence claim, holiday accident claim and hearing loss claim. If you are not sure what type of claim to search for feel free to visit our Claims Services page for more information.

Search by Location

The second valuable option would be to find the nearest Solicitor based on your location. When entering your address, the Legit Claims search facility will search for the closest math. Pretty amazing. And what’s more is that you also have the option to sort the results shown either alphabetically or by distance.

Legit Claims - Solicitor Help


What Else do we Have to Offer?

We have two other areas on our site which can assist you further in all the related areas of making a claim for compensation.

The Legit Claims Calculator

The easy to use Legit Claims Calculator is made specifically so you can estimate the average amount of compensation that you may be entitled to. This calculator is based on the average recorded payout amounts of different types of claims and the area of the body which is affected by either an accident or injury. Additionally you can also include the loss of income you may have suffered during this distressful period of your life.

Calculate the compensation you may be entitled to in these 3 easy steps:

  • Identify your injury
    Simple to use and wonderfully interactive. Choose your gender, and follow the steps to click on the areas of the body that are affected by your injury.
  • Calculating loss of earnings
    Based on the average weekly wage and the number of weeks you have suffered a loss of income.
  • Add any other costs to your claim
    Other costs you may have incurred could include payments made for treatment and or medicines and prescriptions.

The Claims Calculator is discussed in full in the first part of this series: How to use the Legit Claims Calculator

The Legit Claims Blog

We aim to provide you the best search, the best calculator and the best support throughout. With the Legit Claims Blog (where you are now obviously) we aim to inform, support and involve all our clients and subscribed members on the variety of topics related to the claims industry.
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In Conclusion

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With so much on offer, the Legit Claims Portal is indeed the place to be for Claimants and Solicitors alike. We wish you good luck with the claims procedures and remember, we are always here for you. Contact Us should you wish to talk or find more information.