The Medical Negligence Claims Rise is Allegedly due to Monetary Pressures.

According to The Sunday Times, The MP’s claims that the medical negligence claims rise that has occurred over the past decade could be due to the NHS experiencing a multitude of monetary pressures. According to the Public Accounts Committee or PAC, the yearly NHS clinical negligence trust costs have risen significantly over the last decade. In fact, the PAC sees that is had quadrupled from 400 million between the years of 2006 and 2007 to 1.6 billion in the past and present year. They claim that diagnoses, as well as treatment failure of delay, are responsible for a large chunk of these claims. Furthermore, the trust’s spending on medical negligence is said to be rising by 4% by 2020 to 2022

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The Rise of Clinical Negligence Claims has Affected and Will Possibly Affect Many Aspects of Clinical Service

The newspaper went onto claim that this may lead to more individuals making medical negligence or clinical negligence claims. This is because the effects of this large rise have affected many aspects. This includes the quality of care as well as the waiting time period. This is due to the negative effect on the availability of resources. It is also alarming that this pressure may affect staff performance. This is even more so because many staff are those dealing with the various complaints.

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The chairlady of the PAC said, “In just a decade we have seen a four-fold increase in the annual costs to trusts of such negligence, depriving frontline care of the badly needed funds and therefore heightening the risk of further increases in negligence claims.”

The Government’s Slow Response

The newspaper reported that the PAC  sees that the NHS is “defensive” when it comes to these issues. It has effectively criticized the Governments slow response to the medical negligence claim issue at hand. They claimed, “It is unacceptable for patients to suffer the effects of further cost pressures caused by Government’s sluggish response to the issues raised in our report.”

They see that the more irresponsive the NHS is, the worse the issue will become. Therefore,  the rise of these types of clinical negligence claims may continue.

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