Avoiding Long-Term Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

In medical negligence compensation claims news, this year, after a seven-year-long battle, Darren Taylor won a 6 figure medical negligence claim.  This was due to the fact that his wife was a victim of poor care. To avoid such a case, you should be aware of all factors involved in making a medical negligence claim.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims: What Conditions have to be In Place?

In terms of a medical negligence claim, you need be able to prove ‘fault’ as well as avoidable harm.

Fault: A failure to provide sufficient treatment. This should be on the part of the healthcare provider.

Avoidable harm: You must prove that this fault could not have been if the healthcare provider had provided sufficient treatment.

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What is the Length of The Clinical Negligence Compensation Claim Process?

The legal time to make medical negligence compensation claims is within three years. This must be from the day of realization concerning the poor care. It is always better not to wait too long. This is because it is important to gather a lot of evidence concerning your clinical negligence compensation claim at the earliest time. This way the medical negligence claims’ complexity is reduced.

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The Idea to Introduce ‘Fixed Recoverable Costs

To save money for the NHS, it is proposed that Government should introduce fixed recoverable costs for low-value cases.  The Medical Protection Society suggests that higher value medical negligence claims should also have to face fixed recoverable costs. This is in order to control the high amount of costs that the NHS is facing.  These savings could be used to generate better care. Furthermore, it could reduce the heavy load on the taxpayer’s pocket. To read more about ‘fixed recoverable costs go to Claims News: Fixed Legal Costs for Clinical Negligence Claims

As shown, medical negligence compensation claims are complex. This is why it is important to understand the two requirements of ‘fault’ as well as ‘avoidable harm’. Lastly, it is important to be aware of the debate concerning ‘fixed recoverable costs’.

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