The Importance of Choosing the Right No Win No Fee Injury Claims Solicitors

Finding the right no win no fee injury claims solicitors is important. The stress of a personal injury is enough without having to consider what sometimes can be high solicitor costs. This is even more so true if you do not have legal cover.   No win no fee is exactly for situations such as this. Although what exactly is no win no fee and how much do the injury claim solicitors really take? Read on to find out more and make an informed decision about what solicitor you should work with.

What is No win No fee?

You have probably seen the words ‘no-win no-fee!’ plastered onto nearly every solicitor’s website but what exactly does it mean? A ‘No Win No Fee’ exists in order to assist those who do have a winnable criminal or personal injury case. This is by saving them the hurdle of paying their legal costs up front. ‘Winnable’ though, is the operative word here. This is because you will only have to pay the solicitor if they win the case. This may seem like an obvious choice for someone who does not have a legal cover. Although be aware that the costs may not always be as straightforward as you may think.

No Win No Fee - Legit Claims

What Percentage Do No Win No Fee Solicitors Take?

Before you jump right into a no win no fee agreement, make sure that you do not have the legal cover already. This is because your insurer will then choose and pay the solicitor costs for you.  For the most part, this means you get more compensation out compared to if you choose the no win no fee route. If you do choose to take on a conditional fee agreement with a solicitor be aware that there may be other costs that are not included in this deal. You will have to pay these costs even in the event that your solicitor loses the case. On top of this, there is a fixed fee.  The opposing party needs to pay the solicitor this if you win the case. Of course, the amount the other party pays may not be able to cover this fixed cost. If this is so, your solicitor will take the fixed fee out of your compensation. This will leave you with less than what you originally thought. Even more than this, if the solicitor has included a success fee they will also take this out of your compensation. Although, luckily not all solicitors choose to do this.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it is important to educate yourself about the way in which no win no fee injury claims solicitors work. Not only in terms of no win no fee but in general. To find even more information about how to find a great lawyer you should read, A Few Tips on How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Solicitor for You. You can also go to our injury claim solicitors portal to find a lawyer that best suits your needs.