Have You Lost a Loved One Due to an Accident?

The harsh reality is that the majority of fatal accidents that happen in the UK are road traffic accidents. The reason for car crashes being the highest cause of deaths are because of all the risks involved. If you lose a relative such as a father or a mother you may be eligible to apply for fatal accident compensation. Although it will also be necessary to seek medical counselling. Losing someone close to you can lead to physiological injuries as well.

In the UK there are two types of fatal accident claims.  The first being compensation on behalf of the deceased. This person is usually in charge of their estate, meaning they will use the compensation to cover the funeral expenses and so on.  The second will be claims made by the dependents like children. This compensation claims will be for the loss of a relative.

Unfortunately, no amount of compensation will ever be able to replace that life that was lost. The money that the dependants will receive is usually to provide financial aid. Funerals and other expenses following a death can be extremely high. Legal expenses also follow shortly.

What Can a Dependent Claim for when Applying for Fatal Accident Compensation?

Although dependants and relatives might not be physically in pain, unseen injuries can still occur. Losing someone you love due to an accident can have a serious traumatic effect on you.  This is why it’s so important to seek psychological counselling after such a devastating event. If the doctor states that you have any psychological injuries as a result of the accident you might have a chance to claim compensation. These unseen injuries include pain and suffering such as depression. Psychological problems that have a direct impact on your daily life.

Expenses and bills! These two things are rather scary. There will always be expenses following a death. This can be rather hard and stressful especially if the deceased was one of the main bread bringers. With income, not being reliable, the family might face severe poverty.

The small things that mean a lot.  These include tasks like gardening, caretaking and even providing childcare.  With the person in charge now being gone, you have the opportunity to try and apply for compensation. With the compensation, you will most likely have to hire someone to take over those responsibilities.

One of the biggest claims made is the losses of dependency. This claim is mostly maid my children of the deceased or the spouse. Usually, they were solely dependent on the deceased. These dependants will apply for fatal accident compensation in order to continue daily living. The court will calculate the compensation by evaluating the deceased’s income, current pensions, and healthcare benefits.

What’s the Most Important Step to take Concerning Fatal Accident Compensation?

During an event relating to death can leave matters difficult. While going through grieve you might not be in the right mind set to make a claim yourself. This is why it’s necessary to hire an experienced solicitor to help you with the claim process.

The personal injury solicitor you appoint will tend to all the legal matters concerning the fatal accident compensation. He or she will go out of their way to make sure you have the best chance at receiving compensation. If the road traffic accident victim survived but ended up dying in the hospital due to medical negligence, then they’ll apply for compensation on your behalf as well.

As we mentioned, after death expenses will follow. So keep in mind the best way to go would be to hire a no win no fee solicitor.  And follow our step by step guide on making personal injury compensation claims.