What is Repetitive Strain Injury? Is it really that severe?

It is said when certain joints move repetitively in the same motion for long periods of time a repetitive strain injury can occur. A feeling of very uncomfortable pain to the surrounding muscle tissue is a clear indication of an RSI. The most common area to sustain these types of injuries is at the wrists while being at work.  Wrists are the most vulnerable due to us having the tendency to overuse our hands in repetitive motions such as typing on computer keyboards all day.

In fact, a recent study revealed that most people sustain an RSI to their wrist as a result of computer work. Almost all types of careers will lead you to use a computer at least once. Computer programmers and typists face a constant threat of having aching arms and wrists. Their work is based on hammering away at the keyboard. Injuries can even spread to the shoulders, neck and lower back from continuously sitting in one place. It is possible that the repetitive work routine can lead to work stress as well.


How Can You Prevent a Repetitive Strain Injury?

We might tend to feel a slight pain in our wrists or other potential RSI locations, and since it’s hardly noticeable we ignore it. Ignoring the pain is the first step towards making the repetitive strain injury much more severe. As soon as you feel any pain that can be linked to keyboard typing or any similar task you need to take precaution.

Remember that your workspace needs to adapt to you, not you to your workspace. Make sure your office and workstation are as comfortable as can be. Spend a little extra and be certain your chair provides the right back support. Position yourself the right distance from your computer or equipment. Having to lean forward day by day will lead to back injuries.

A break now and then can prevent a repetitive strain injury believe it or not! A break can even help you relieve some work stress. If your work involves long hours sitting at a desk then take a 10-minute break every 2 hours, as this will relieve stress in your joints and tenants. Step away from your desk and stretch a bit or walk around the office. It is as easy as that.

Lastly, try and limit your time spent at the computer desk. If your work consists of different tasks, then spread them out effectively. Avoid completing all your computer work at once. Rather do a little desk work then another task. After the task, you can hit the keyword again.


What can We Do to Help?

As soon as you experience any RSI symptoms you should immediately consult your doctor. The problem needs to be dealt with while it’s still small.  An experienced doctor will even recommend stretching techniques for you to use to accelerate the recovering.

These types of injuries start off small but if not kept under control can cause major problems in the long run. There are various work-related injuries that can change one’s life completely, it’s wise to hire a personal injury solicitor to help you with making a claim. Legit Claims is the perfect online claims portal where you can browse for a no win no fee solicitor.