Road Accident Claims and Personal Injury Compensation.

Have you lost your personal injury compensation claim after being in an accident but you’re not exactly sure why? There could be many reasons for losing road accident claims.  Three main ones include having little evidence, making your claim too late as well as not seeking professional legal help. Here we go into more detail about what could go wrong when making a claim after an accident.

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Not Having Enough or Sufficient Evidence

Road Traffic and Road Accident claims

In terms of a road traffic accident, when making a claim after an accident, there needs to be sufficient evidence that the individual in the other car was at fault for the accident and that the accident was, in fact, the cause of your injuries.  If you were partly responsible you may still be able to claim part of the amount.

In either case, if you do not have sufficient evidence to support your claim, this could mean trouble. This is especially true if the defendant refuses to admit liability for the accident.

Poorly Maintained Roads

In terms of poorly maintained roads, the same applies, where the Municipality will act as the defendant.  Although, if there is no sufficient evidence, it could make winning your claim much harder.

Pedestrians and Road Accident Claims

A pedestrian accident is no different where, when making a claim after an accident you need to prove that the injury was caused by the accident and due to the actions of the other individual.

Although there are many cases,  in terms of this type of accident where the defendant is unknown or they do not have insurance. In this case, the MIB or Motor Insurance Bureau is there to assist.

What can I do to Increase the Likelihood of Sufficient Evidence?

 There are many actions you can take to ensure the sufficiency of the evidence. This includes recording any contact details of those who witnessed the accident, reporting the accident as fast as possible, recording details of your injury and accident and taking photographs of the accident and injury. To read about the reasons for denied claims in all personal injury cases check top 5 reasons your claim could be denied. 

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 You did not Claim Within the Legal Time Frame

In general, it is seen that the earlier you file a report with the police and make a claim the better. In official legal terms, the claims should be made within three years of the accident-except in extremely rare cases.  That being said, the earlier you make your claims, the more evidence you are likely to hold onto. On top of this, you always need to file a report with the police within 24 hours.

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You did not Involve an Accident Lawyer

For more straightforward cases, you could probably get by without hiring or consulting with an accident lawyer. Although, if the case is complex, not hiring or consulting with an accident lawyer means you are taking a real risk.

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To find a lawyer that can take on your accident case, go to Legit Claims our online claims portal.