Road Safety and Personal Injury Claims: Prevention can be Better Than Cure.

Although we write many articles about personal injury claims and the claims process, in many cases this can be a last resort. Being aware of safety can save lives. Being aware of the statistics surrounding road traffic accidents is also likely to make us more careful on the road. According to the UK government statistics, reported road casualties between the years June 2016 and 2017 decreased by 5% in road deaths, totaling only 1,710 for this period. Additionally, the numbers also indicates a decrease of 5% in casualties of all severities to 176,500, and a general increase of vehicle traffic levels  of 1.4%.

It is a small relief that road accidents have actually decreased in the last year. But, with road safety still under the microscope, especially during the festive season, let us look at a few way in which we can stay safe on UK roads.

  1. Keep your Eyes on the Road

Possibly the most obvious advice, we consider this to be most important as well. Do not be distracted by the radio, other drivers or your mobile phone. Proper observation while you are driving is the most important aspect of safe driving, emphasized by many a driving instructor.

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  1. Never use a Cellphone while Driving

And this means never ever. If you remove your eyes from the road for just one second road accidents can happen. Everybody knows that texting while driving is illegal in the UK, but why do so many people still do it? Keep the texting for when you are finished driving. Or at least make a stop to attend to your phone and do not use your cellphone while driving.

  1. Keep to the Speed Limits at all Times

Speeding is the number one cause of deaths on UK roads. It is a well-known fact, but it needs to be said to remind people that their lives are worth more than being late for an appointment. Please be patient and do not exceed the speed limits. They are there for a reason.

  1. Obey Traffic Rules

Just like the speed limits exist to protect all user of the road and keep them safe, so do the traffic rules exist to accommodate every single person on the road. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle drivers and you and me. Be considerate to others, and get to know your road signs. They give you information, and might just save your life.

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  1. Never ever Drink and Drive

Another never ever. Drinking whilst driving is not only penalized, you could lose your driver’s licence completely. Even worse, you could lose your life.

  1. Buckle Up

Don’t forget to use your seat-belt. Designed to keep you safe in your car in the event of a road accident, its importance can never be underestimated. Even if you are driving to the shop around the corner. Buckle up!

  1. Watch What Others are Doing

This point really associated with several of the tips already mentioned. Awareness of what you and other road users are doing on the road is essential for your safety as well as that of others. Sometimes watching out for other reckless drivers can also be a life saver.

  1. Drive a Safe Vehicle

The vehicles we drive needs to be reliant. Be sure you take your car for regular services and keep your licencing up to date. Remember you are entrusting your life to that car. Better be sure it is in good condition.

  1. Avoid Bad Roads

Unfortunately the road conditions are not always as safe as we would want them to be. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about it apart from informing the authorities and waiting for them to make amendments. If you can, choose alternative routes. Many an accident has occurred where road conditions are less than desirable.

  1. Stay Patient and Stay Safe

Last but not the least, patience is a virtue, as they say. Be patient and drive slower and wait for those pedestrians. Be considerate to the cyclist taking up too much of the road. It may not only save your life, but the lives of others too.

In conclusion, all of the above can go a long way in ensuring your safety on UK roads during this holiday season. This does however not mean that accidents do not happen. In the event where you have been injured whist using UK roads – as a driver, cyclist or even pedestrian, help is at hand. You can search our list of expert solicitors to find just the right persons to help you make a personal accident claim. We also have a lot of free advice available on our website like How to use the Legit Claims Calculator and information like the Step by Step Guide to Personal Injury Claims.

We wish all our readers a Wonderful and Safe Festive Season.