What Are The Most Common Causes of Road Accidents?

RTA claims are through the roof due to the rapid increase in car accidents. Most of them occur because of our own road rule disobedience. However, there are scenarios where car crashes occur as a result of things outside of our control. Depending on different factors you might even be eligible for claim compensation for injuries sustained. Legit Claims takes a look at some of the most common causes of road traffic accidents.

Disobeying the rules of the road:

Involvement in any type of accident because of law-breaking can probably cost you from making valid RTA claims. Driving under the influence is one of the biggest causes of deaths on UK roads. The more alcohol you consume, the more you lose your ability to react in time. Speeding also falls under lawbreaking. By exceeding the legal speed limit you increase the chance of certain death for other drivers and pedestrians when colliding. Road safety deserves a ton of respect.


Other things we tend to miss that causes car accidents:

Tiredness and distractions. Both are our own causes but we tend to not even consider the danger they bring. Falling asleep behind the wheel can happen. Imagine what will happen if a family is on their way from holiday. They’ve been driving for nine hours straight and then all of a sudden, dad falls asleep. This is why you need to take rests when driving long distances. It also helps to change drivers. Dad drives a couple of hours and then mom. Distractions are also popular amongst car crashes. People gaze at their phones while driving and loses all focus on the road.

Natural causes can also be taken into consideration:

Mother nature can also have a hand to play when a road accident occurs. Victims of car crashes who made RTA claims have a higher chance of being awarded compensation when their innocence is proven. Wet roads, fog, and even potholes are all good examples of car accident causes. Luckily traffic reports inform us if bad weather is approaching. Knowing how to drive in bad weather conditions is a big part of road safety.


So What Advice Should You Follow when it Comes to RTA claims?

Don’t resolve the matter on your own. Use your resources to find out about hiring the perfect solicitor. Legit Claim offers different solicitors for different types of claims. They also operate on a strictly no win no fee basis. So in order to improve your odds in receiving compensation keep your side clean. And to do this remember you’re not alone on the road, so obey the road safety rules. Here are some more road safety tips to make sure you don’t land in an accident.

Even a small car crash can leave you with injuries, so it’s only fair that you have the possibility of receiving compensation. No one should suffer from the wrongdoing of others, especially if you could have lost your life. If you happen to be on the other end of a motor vehicle collision and sustained an injury you can calculate your claim value. Keep in mind, a claim calculator will only provide you with an estimated value. Not a guaranteed one.  Remember to do more research on car accidents and RTA claims in order to have sufficient evidence to present to the solicitor.