Slips, Trips and Falls are Quite Prevalent and are Most Common in Public and Work Places.

There are many different types of accident claims that you can claim compensation for. The worst of these kinds of accidents can prove to be fatal. Although, they can also lead to head injuries, back injuries, fractures and in the worst cases, paralysis. Slips, trips and falls can happen for a number of reasons like:

  • Tripping over wires, boxes or litter
  • Falling from height because of something like a faulty ladder
  • Slips on wet or icy surfaces due to a lack of warning signs in the area
  • Trips over uneven paving slabs
  • Tripping down staircases which have been poorly-maintained
  • Personal injury compensation claims


Legit Claims - Slip And Trip

If someones negligence led you to getting injured,  you have every right to pursue a personal injury compensation claim. For incidents in public spaces, the local council is usually at fault because it’s the council’s responsibility to ensure public safety. For indoors, it’s whoever owns the building – the business owner or, in the case of state-run buildings, the council. In any situation of slip and trip, personal injury solicitor can help you.

Factors to Consider When Making Accident Claims

The number one thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention and record the accident. If an accident happens, always keep a record and take photographs of the location of the accident, the cause as well as the resulting injury (if visible). Be sure to take the names and home addresses of witnesses; keep evidence of doctors visited and treatments received and keep receipts for any injury related expenses.

Legit Claims - Medical Checkup

How Legit Claims can Help you

It is advisable to seek the appropriate legal advice as soon as is possible after suffering an accident as certain time limits apply for dealing with personal injury compensation claims. In most cases, Slip, trip And fall  accident claims require the assistance of solicitors who are well aware of the procedure with hands-on experience in dealing with such claims. No win no fee services can also aid you in making a personal injury claim without any upfront legal costs, you can use our claim calculator for claim estimation and you will not be liable to pay your solicitor any money if your compensation claim is unsuccessful.

Through Legit claims, you can directly connect with the best legal experts who specialize in dealing with all kinds of no win no fee accident claims to ensure that the claimants get the personal injury compensation they deserve. Contact us and allow us to help you to connect with a legal expert today.